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This Wiki is being put into Archive status to represent the history of how the Tarlach Fair started, and is owned by Spooklee of Rayout. The event still continues under new management as Spook moves on to test and help develop new games across multiple companies.

Its been a wild ride, Tarlach, Thank you all for everything. — Spooklee

The New Wiki run by the new owners of the Tarlach Fair can be found here : > The New Tarlach Fair <

I personally chose the people who would take over leading the event, so I know its in good hands. Thanks to GHOSTLYBARD and Evaline for working so hard to impress me and keep the event running for the community.

Tarlach Fair #6 on October 6th, 2012 was a grand success, thanks to everyone that participated and see you next time. :)
Fairs so far: December 16th 2009, March 22nd 2010, June 26th 2010, December 18th, 2010, August 13th, 2011, October 6th, 2012.

Founding information and history can be found on another page Spook is working on, the front was getting too cluttered. — Spook


The Tarlach Fair was founded in 2009 with the goals and dreams of bringing a fragmented community back together and presenting games and ideas to each other that would out-class anything Nexon had been doing for us at the time. Spooklee ran 4 Tarlach Fairs and set the standards on how the event is run, how staff is selected, and what is and isnt alowed within the event. Times were tough for him financially however, and he had to step down and leave the game for a while. In his absence, Zabuden and Loveforlife maintained another year of events that Spooklee had been running for the community (including the Customer list and Herb Mondays) until they doo fell upon hard times. Now, the event is owned by the server community as a whole and Spooklee comes back when he can to help out, train people how to handle the mob mentality, and generally work for a brighter future. We have been recognized by Nexon (Summer 2010, they posted an ad for the fair on the offical Nexon Facebook page), Guilds from all over the server apply both to staff, donate and play the games, and people from all over our community offer new game ideas or try to improve old ones.

We are a server to be proud of, and we hope to keep it that way with these events, Made by players, FOR the players.

Disclaimer; Spooklee, The Fair Masters, the volunteer staff, the video capture teams, and the general donators of the prize pile do NOT work for Nexon. We are not Game Masters, we cannot fix your account or tell you when the next items will be released or restore lost items. ALL donations come out of our own pockets and the pockets of the players who wish to see our community have a good time. We do occasionally acquire NX codes, but these are legitimately bought cards from stores, so we know we are not getting bad codes to give as prizes. No Code prize will ever be posted to a game that requires any kind of fee to enter (Otherwise we could get blasted for 'selling' codes).

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