About Spooklee

"Spook dun talk about Spookself much, Is more important ta be lookin' out fer de good of othas, ya know? Help de youngun's and give de old timers werk ta make em feel useful an' wise, ya? Le's all have a good time, mon, till de next time de Goddess needs our help!"

Spook's speech when people meet him for the first time is relatively short and to the point; Spooklee has been on Tarlach since the first day of Open Beta and chose Channel 3 as his home. He ran into a group of Closed Beta testers who found his accent and third person references to be charming, soon referring to him as Grandpa, and thus Rayout was born. Spook has been spotted training and mentoring new players, boosting egos and encouraging the little ones to try harder and enjoy the game with a few tips and tricks he's learned over the years. Why? Because its what he likes to do.

The Tarlach Fair was founded on the idea that Nexon didn't have to be in charge of every little facet of our lives. There are so many people who claim to be bored, but instead of doing anything about it, all they do is sit around n Dun or the altars, complaining. When the Owl Event hit, the complaints came to an all time high as people were forced to sit around or play for a solid 4 hours to get a reward that they either couldnt use or seemed like a mockery of their time and energy. One day, Spook just got up and posted on the forums: "Idea - Server Party" and things took off from there. In a span of 3 weeks, over 20 million in items were donated for prizes from the unlikeliest of people and 2.7 million gold was raised to hand out as cash prizes.

Spook's player on the other hand, has been playing community based MMOs for 10+ years and frequently found himself in charge of a lot of people doing something 'different'. He's been in and out of both closed and open betas under a jumble of different names and a handful or three of different companies and titles. A few years ago, he was found blogging, testing out a new free to play game every week and posting reviews on a journal somewhere. (The journal has since been closed, but he still has photos in his photobucket.)

This player doesn't want to sound egotistical but really finds it depressing that there aren't more people out there willing to stick their necks out and do something worth being remembered for.

Other Games I Have Played Long Term;

FFXI - Bokchoy(RDM/BLM) WoW - Shuppet(Hunter)/Vibrava(Druid)
Played for 3+ years, Ran a 200+ man crafters union Played for 3+ years, Trained Raiders

Other Games I've Beta'd/Play Tested;
Asda Story (Cute game, lots of bugs)
EVE Online (Good game, but very hostile community)
Age of Armor (Good game, but not enough support)
City of Heros/Villans (Good game but they stopped supporting my buddy's Mac OS, wasnt as fun without him.)
Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada (Visually good game, challenging combat system, but having to reach lvl 40 before I could get new equipment put me off.)
Ether Saga (Cute game, lots of potential, level restrictions on dungeons was discouraging however)
Earth Eternal (Nice game, good for the furry fans, still in development, check in on it from time to time)
Shin Megami Tensai: Imagine (Interesting game, but not being part of the fanbase, I lost interest)
Maple Story (Because everyone has played Maple Story. Beta'd for this and laughed at hackers)
Fusion Fall (Recently tested to see if it was suitable for my nephew, interesting gameplay for kids)
RAN Online (Nephew asked about it, played it, his mom promptly banned him from it due to violence)
Perfect World Online (Very good game but I was getting tired of WoW re-skins by the time I played it)
Lord of the Rings Online (Good game visually, relatively good party combat, but too small of a game world)
La Tale (Got bored of VERY quickly, essentially another Maple Story)
Florensia (Good idea for a game, beautiful graphically, but had a lot of people grabbing my kills and getting the rewards)
Nostale (Very cute game, but also a very long, repetitive grind)
Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu (Very socially oriented game I didn't really have time for to become particularly strong in)
Runes of Magic (Best WoW style free to game I've found, play this whenever Mabinogi is under maintenance)
9Dragons (One of the best Korean grind games I've found, enjoyed my limited experience, still have an account somewhere)
Aion (For about 8 hours, then refused to play anymore as its just WoW and City of Heros smashed together)
Silkroad Online (The class system and pvp system was facinating, its a shame I didn't get more time to play it)
Ragnarok (A friend paid my way for a few months, but despite the cuteness, the grind drove me crazy)
Runescape (Avoided for years, finally played to check suitability for younger nephew, surprised by actually decent game)
Gunbound (Highly enjoyable until running across hackers and 'pro' players pretending to be noobs)
Graal (Had a friend who was a map builder for a private server, cute introductory level MMO programming game)
Furcadia (low tech setup, too many really creepy people)
Monster & Me (Good idea, lousy setup, overrun with gold sellers)
Dofus (One of the few simple and cheap games I really enjoyed. Would've probably played it more if I could've gotten more friends involved)
Everquest 2 (They may have started the whole MMO business, but I've been finding the game generally boring. Makes me miss FFXI.)
Wizard 101 (Pretty cool kids game actually, really enjoyed it.)
Star Trek Online (Fun space battles, not so fun ground battles. Hear its improved since I last played but I probably wont go back.)
Final Fantasy 14 (BEAUTIFUL, lots of great ideas but a whole lot of bad planning and new players getting very quickly abandoned and forgotten.)
Knight Age (Adorable, pokemon style with 'mounted combat', except your never without a mount so its more like normal combat with more legs.)
Path of Exile (Actually a pretty neat game, a hybrid between Diablo appearance and play style and Final Fantasy character advancement.)
Fallen Earth (A diverse niche game for people seeking an alternative to an online Fallout. The game is in a constant state of flux, however, and the playerbase is small.)
Planetside 2 (Good PVP game, but I've never been able to get hooked on a game that's only PVP 24/7.)
Neverwinter Online (Pretty nice take on the D&D Neverwinter Storyline from Cryptic, managed by Perfect World)
The Secret World (A Lifetime Subscription but I only have time to sink my teeth into it maybe once every three months. Playable puzzle novel with epic MMO fight scenes.)
APB:Reloaded (Very good pvp game for what it has to offer, not a fan of the pay to win gun shops though.)

There are others, but I couldn't find any traces of them on the net anymore, they've been dead for a long time apparently. (I bet no one remembers Redmoon or NetMonster!)

Games I'm looking forward to;
ArcheAge (Rayout 2.0 will be founded there)
The Repopulation (But only if its Free to Play, Im not that interested so much as friends will be playing it.)

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