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1; No party may consist of more than 4 Players (A Cook, A Fisher, A Go-Fer, a Fire-Keeper).
2; Prizes will be awarded to all four Teammates, but the core prize will be given to the cook (Specialty cooking items for the cook and cash, just cash for the team mates).
3; Extra Rules for more points may be announced before every round of the Five Star Food Cookoff (This is to encourage lower level cooks in participating, so one round may ban elves as the Go-Fers or another round might prevent using mounts, etc).

Peirrik sells the following items at his general store;

Five Star Food Cookoff;

Using common ingredients found in the local area, Cooks are challenged to make as many five star foods as they can. However, an extra spin has been presented to give the cooks more time to cook their meals. Three teammates, a Fisher, a Fire-Keeper and a Go-Fer. A fisher provides the meat of the meal with their skills, and the Go-Fer attains needed ingredients to the cook and the Firekeeper keeps fires going for the chefs.

March 20th, 2010 recipe;
Flying Fish Crepe Baking Flying Fish(41%) Potato(40%) Egg(19%)

Iron Chef Challenge;

An ample supply of a secret ingredient will be provided during this event (At least 100 or so) and the challenge is to make as many types of dishes with the available supplies as possible. Unlike the 5 Star cookoff, Iron Chef is about variety, so cooking all the same dish wont get you as many points as different dishes, even if they are 5 star. With the understanding that only so many foods can be cooked with so many item combination's and Mabi not making room for taste, multiples will still count towards a score, just not as much as the initial dish.

To get Fish for bonus points, partner up with a fisher from the fishing contest or hope someone is dropping fish.
The fair will be providing limited amounts of the following ingredients to the competing chefs;

- Emain Macha Wines
- Lemons
- Thyme
- Red Pepper Powder
- Garlic
- The Secret Ingredient

Score Table;

  • bluestar.gif A Blue Star is a recipie that has local fish in the recipie, and adds +3 points.
  • redstar.gif A Red Star represents the Secret Item is used in the recipie, and adds +5 points.
  • whitestar.gif White stars are the basic score modifier and results of cooking.

12 recipes have been selected for the Iron Chef challenge, 6 use a secret ingredient and 6 use local fish ingredients. Recipes other than the selected 12 will only give as many points as they have stars. Two step recipes will give double points but only for the first two step dish. Since Iron Chef is about variety, making all the same dish wont net you many points, but making a few could get you more points and just a random selection. For the sake of the challenge and making cooks work for the score, none of the recipes are being posted on this page.

Lastly, in the event of the same cook making multiple dishes of the same type, the first dish gets maximum points, and the following dishes are scored by base white stars.

Score Example;

  • whitestar.gifx5 + bluestar.gif + redstar.gif = 13 points
  • whitestar.gifx5 + redstar.gif = 10 points
  • whitestar.gifx5 + bluestar.gif = 8 points
  • whitestar.gifx5 = 5 points
  • whitestar.gifx4 = 4 points ( + bluestar.gif = 7 / + redstar.gif = 9 / + both = 12 )
  • whitestar.gifx3 = 3 points ( + bluestar.gif = 6 / + redstar.gif = 8 / + both = 11 )
  • whitestar.gifx2 = 2 points ( + bluestar.gif = 5 / + redstar.gif = 7 / + both = 10 )
  • whitestar.gifx1 = 1 point ( + bluestar.gif = 4 / + redstar.gif = 6 / + both = 9 )

The full challenge will be announced at the fair and its up to the wits of the challengers and the determination of the team the chef creates to see who will step up to the challenge and dare to be the Master Iron Chef.

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