Since a lot of the pages constantly have to be updated with information about the next upcoming event, I wanted to have a sort of Credits Page where I could keep track of all the people who have helped make the fair happen.

VIP NX Donators

Shinmeiryu ($30), Kartia ($140)

VIP Time Donators

Redstar117(and 118) (12 days ore digging!), Plegio (15 days ore and gem digging!), Finesttime (months of herb picking!)

Item Donators

Finalprayerr, Torhu, Kartia, Umbrasquall, Dragon32, Wtfuz, Mongoloid, Edoneh, Erosiaku, Bellynn, Korudo, Peadrian, Zhorge, Raskalov, Confessional, Raealethea, Nemui, Soifa, Ahnblades, Wayneth, Flyingpanda, Krin, kyky2, Freehugs, EXlunar, Tomoshio, Dreadhawk, bladematt65, Magicaster, Zeza, Freemanaeso, Shoku, Isuruginoe, 404notfound, Chikage, Vinh233, Finesttime, shinmeiryu, Tsubassa, Clovercody, Dgansta, Ferghos, Mutsuudong, Starline, Masakero, Ghostlybard, Dumdadido, Remillo, Lextzo, Redstar117, Dariaoxo, Shinatron, ipwnyouforever, Cereline, Mcxar, Miriflower, Guild, Hellkite, Shihna, Ddestroyer24, Ladygayle, Arcticfox, Eclipss, Clovercody, lampedro, darkness06, Balinor, snowangel001, Minniie, Braziel, Mcxar, Khaiten, honorstar, Godmaster, Empi, Roux, outlawslain, Kuanhao, austin0121, Stargirl, Shakaya, Know127, Yellow13, Spelloyal

Gold Donators (These are totals over all the fairs, not per each fair)

Spooklee donates about 4 million gold per fair.
Kentngo (1 mil), Niyuu (1 mil), Jizabelle (200k), Dgansta (2.9 mil), Tomoshio (1 mil), Raskalov (1 mil), Liemon (500k), Ferhgos (400k), Flyingpanda (The Real Sonofabish) (500k), Matchstick (200k), Impersah (3.5 mil), Roroan (1 mil), Arcelia (50k), Dariaoxo (500k), Finesttime (500k), cassa (100k), Braziel (40k)

Noteworthy Staff

Spooklee Created, designed and organized the Tarlach Fair from 2009 to 2010. In 2011, he decided to step down and take a break, allowing the community to try its hand at continuing the event under it's own power. The Website continues to be maintained by people Spooklee has come to trust and the event efforts continue through the community as the event has proven to be a success on a large scale. Weather or not he will return to event planning is currently unknown.
Bellynn Maintained the Rayout Guild in which Spooklee has been a permanent member of, and generally supported Spooklee emotionally through tough times. She was the leader of Rayout until IRL pulled her away from us and crowned Spooklee as Guildmaster.
Torhu Was one of the first long term staff members, hunting prizes and make a lot of suggestions. Spooklee considered her to be one of his primary advisers for the first two fairs and could not have continued the event without her and her support from Celion.
Wtfuz For all his energy and input as well as spreading word and getting people excited about the events.
Finalprayerr for all his work behind the scenes, crackignt he whip and yelling at Spook to ask for help and not to try supporting a massive event entirely on his shoulders. He was one of the greatest advisers to Spooklee and a long time Friend as well as a major donator for the first two fairs.
Dronit managed an aspect of the fairs that Spooklee had entirely overlooked, the Gambling games. Unfortunately, he vanished without a trace after the third fair and did not return. Too bad too, his games were not only fun to play from the amount of people that showed up, but he was the only Staffer that managed to earn money through the fair during the actual event.
Kentngo for more things than Spooklee can list in a brief blurb. The man was known primarily as the fair's Prompaster with over 500 Accessories to use for lining events, but he was also a major force in helping Spooklee shape the games and keep them as fair as possible. His Treasure Hunt event also brought all the boys (and some girls) to the yard and the loss of his membership was felt deeply.
Celandine for providing the fair many times with the great service of going to the events, recording them and putting them up on Youtube so memories could be shared and the event as a whole could be better advertised. Thank you!
Dreadhawk Was a fine example of a guy who'd stand around and do his job and look good doing it too.
Zeza did it better because he was Purple.
GHOSTLYBARD despite his all capitalized name was remarkably level headed in really random situations and took over a lot of the smaller experimental games Spooklee was trying to get off the ground while going crazy maintaining the major events. Spooklee misses him and doesnt know what happened to him.

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