Recruitment Hall

Part of being a community at large and participating in larger events comes a sense of pride for doing well, and having people to gloat to about a great prize or a perfect kill can heighten an experince. While not all guilds focus on any one intent, many have some kind of focus that draws them together. We all play Mabinogi for different reasons.

Some guilds advertised here support the Fair. Some do not, and simply attended one of the Fair's events and wanted to leave a memento to say they were here. Still others are only still just learning about the great world Mabinogi has to offer.

This page offers a sample of active guilds who are looking for Recruits and general public invitations to hang out, get help, or do something fun:

Name of Guild; Takeshi
As far as Spook can tell, the guild either no longer exists or all the data is too old, the website they were using expired.

Name of Guild; Atlantis
General Information; Atlantis is a fairly active guild, filled with low levels and high levels alike. The only requirement for the guild is 30+. We have maxed out our level, and 250 members can join. We have dungeon runs on saturday, and Advanced Magic rafting runs on Sunday. We aren't heavily focused on anything like pvp, for its mostly a fun, social guild. The guild stone is located to the west of Taillteann.
Leaders: Joeyxx and Francisca
Guild theme: Carnival of the animals, Aquarium. By Saint Saenz

Name of Guild: BigHeads
Spook can no longer find anyone active in this guild. Their forums have been dead for over a year.

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