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Not every do-gooder has the ability to churn out rare items, equipment or vanity gear, we understand that. A lot of people have asked us how they can help on a smaller scale though, and a few ideas have cropped up. All donations should be sent with the words Tarlach Fair Donation. Edit; Another donation that the fair would appreciate is your Time. The fair is frequently understaffed and could always use another hand helping out to do simple tasks such as being the guy to give out the Treasure Hunters list, or as complicated as being a Judge for the Fastest Runner missions. If interested in joining the staff (either temporary or permanent), please send Spooklee a note in game about wanting to volunteer. Spook likes to have a little chat with people before approving or disproving volunteers.

Dungeon a Day Donations revolve around the idea of donating the gold picked up from one dungeon run, per day. This can be as little as 500 gold from Alby or 2k gold from other dungeons.

Farmers for Fun Donations revolve around getting items that crafters are using and dropping them with a CoD (Cash On Delivery) for an appropriate price for the goods. Most Fair Farmers deal direct and offer slightly cheaper prices than you might find on the raw market. Send 5k of your profits to the Fair per day (or more if your feeling generous).

Cash On Delivery Methods;
Spook recently started selling goods at a lower cost to people all over the server by offering to send them through the mail directly rather than wait around in a shop. This method has proven to make Spook anywhere from 300k to 1 million per day with a few hours work. If you too would like to cash in, here are the following customers for different items. This website will be updated as customers increase and decrease. Spook also updates when he sees prices advertised in-game and ont he forums of long term deals.

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