Event Schedule;

Events will be posted in schedule format soon, final preparation begin made as for times and staff.

All event planning is done on a Pacific Standard Time Zone
Mountain time is 1 hour later, central is 2, eastern is 3.

October 6th Event Schedule


11am-1pm PvP (in Sen Mag Plateau Channel 3)
11am-1pm Fishing (in Emain Macha Ch3)

1pm-3pm Obstacle Course (in Par Dungeon Ch3. Meet at Altar)
1pm-3pm Martial Arts Tournament (Sen Mag Plateau Channel 3)

3pm-5pm Fashion Contest (Emain Macha Stage Channel 3)

5pm-7pm Bard-off (Tir Graveyard Ch3)

7pm Tara Banquet and the end of the Fair

Summer 2011 Fair Schedule

All games time length may vary based on the amount of participation. Less participation means games happen sooner, more participation means games and events run longer. This is just our basic guideline.

Gather in dunbarton at Noon
March to Emain via Kent's Accessory Route and preform opening ceremonies.

1PM; Duelist PVP overseen by Master Judge Brokenaer0 and the PVP crew at the center of Sen Mag.

  • For Social players, the Fishing game will be up and running under Finesttime's care (Gem rewards) in Emain

3 PM; The Fashion Contest will begin at Emain's stage.
5 PM; The Obstacle Course Begins in Par Dungeon. Head over and wait for instructions from staff on the altar

5:30 PM; The Bardoff hits the Tir Graveyard and Zab does a headcount of attendance for the fair.

7 PM; Tara Banquet hits and the general staff retires.

If, on the off chance the staff sticks around, we MAY hold the jousting tournament or pet PVP games afterwards, but the majority fo the staff this fair are on the East Coast and will be heading to bed after the banquet. On the off chance some west cost players want to volunteer for staff, Spook may in turn scrounge up some cash and prizes for people interested in either of these events. Otherwise they will be rescheduled for some other time.

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