Experimental Games

Tired but spook will spruce this page up more later;

Team Fortress (Barrier wall based games in shadow missions)

Resurrection Treasure Hunts (Dead staff playing the part of riddles and clues to a bigger prize)

Longest Airplane Flight (self explanatory)

Ultimate Airplane (How many plane flights does it take to get to a certain point? Prizes for least throws)

Airplane Football (Teams of 3 fight to throw the plane to the opponents goal)

Airplane Quidditch (Teams of 5 in advanced football field; Beaters fight off aggro mobs, seekers chase sparkle planes, normal players chase a normal plane)

Name That Tune (Play a mystery tune and rewards for identifying the music)

Simon Says (Emote and simple skill Simon Says. Eliminate people one by one base don last person to do the right move)

Hide And Seek (Have encouraged normal players to do this, may find staff to hold cash prizes for people who find that staff member first or within a time limit)

The Blob/Ameboa (Similar to Hide and Seek, but each person that finds the 'hider' camps out with that person. Hiders have the ability to move around with people who have found them until all the seekers find the growing mass of players. No prize set, just a fun silly game)

If I can figure out how to do Freeze Tag, it'll be done.

Races (Separated by race or mounts, wings would be pointless as races would probably be done on one map, or one race done on one map and another race done on another map. Make winging to dungeons or cities pointless and not an applicable cheat option)

Duck Hunt (Would need a lot of preparation and set up, makes use of elf vs giant pvp)

Where's Waldo? (Staff member dresses up in common items for seeking contest or screenshot contest)

Statue Contests (Surprise spider was lol)

Parade (Nuff said) <—- We actually did this one, it was AWESOME even though it didnt work as planned. — Spook

Lottery/Raffle (Debating this one for a few certian items that have been donated to the fair) <— Spook runs a variant of this from time to time to clear bank vualt space for the next event. — Spook

Board Game (discussions being made for Candyland style board game for casual players and a PvP Sorry type game for the battlers)

Soccer (Using the PVP arena) <— We did this once and it was very hard to manage competitively, so we havnt done it again. — Spook

Minfield Rush (Ice mines in a dungeon survival contest) <— Has been incorporated into Obstacle Corus — Spook

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