Failed Events:

Pet PvP; (retired)
The Pet PvP event was once a very successful event. However, over time as the fairs progressed, players began to lose interest in it and fewer players showed up. With the addition of extremely OP pets (dragons come to mind), even fewer players came to the last fair in which it was held (August 13th, 2011) and the event was retired.

Exeptional Exclusive Video Orchestra Challenge; (Total flop)

Failed because Spooklee had plans to get a musical composer friend to make a tune that would work specifically with mabinogi's musical instrimunt selection. Unfortunatly, he want on tour a week into the fair's planning and never got to it. An attempt was made to find some new epic music to try and play with an 8 man orchestra but the idea fell flat on its face.

Jousting; (Too new to be sure)

For the most part, couldnt find staff for it. One or two people typically volunteered to run a tournament for players to participate in, but it was usually a last minute addition without enough prizes tor eally encourage anyone but really die hard jousters to go compete (for points or something).

Fishing Challenge; (Successful until Spooklee departed the staff)

Only failed after the 4th fair because no one was insane as Spooklee when it came to finding over 100 4CM+ gems to just give away in half an hour. The game itself was to try and catch a fish close to a randomized target number in 4-5 minutes. On rare occassions, Rank 5 Item Fishing Rods were given away.

Speed Dungeon/Shadow Missions; (Semi-successful)

Think you got the fastest time to run a 4 floor dungeon or an advanced SM? This game was designed to prove it, with a judge and either a solo or duo team running a mission slightly harder than usual. Judges werent alowed to participate beyond pheonix feathers. Only a small amount of the community participated in this, but those that did came back every time the event was held and had fun with it.

The event was ended after the third fair when less than 8 people showed up to compete.

Treasure Hunt; (Highly Successful until Kentngo left the staff)

Treasure hunt was more a task of figuring our riddles that were hand crafted by Kent and his team in such a way that most the answers could not be found on the Wikipedia. Every event got more and more difficult because people enjoyed the challenge, until the final event where someone ran in and started giving away all the answers. Instead of the clues whittling down the players until 8 people showed up at the finish line to claim their prize, over 40 people jumped to the finish point without ever seeing several of the questions.

Kentngo stated it'd be impossible to craft another Hunt in the same fashion, and quit the staff.

Team Arena; (Very successful, but ended once Spooklee left the staff)

Set in Connus Arena, Spook held a bunch of tournament matches with teams of 2vs2 and 3vs3. This event ended up being his pride and joy for about 6 months as he ground himself to the bone to collect 30 diamonds all over 3 CM for the winners of one of these competitions after one of the test teams commented about what hardcore pvpers really wanted. The remaining Staff decided to put this event to an end and focus more on social events than PVP. Spooklee doesnt blame them, PVP is a pain to manage. :p

Cooking Challenge; (Total failure)

The first and second fair were supposed to have Iron Chef challenges, but they were sorely understaffed and never properly advertised. Usually only one cook showed up if at all. Spooklee figures the prizes were never enough to attract real cooks.

Special Guests/Dealers Hall; (Never happened)

Origionally Spooklee was going to have an area set up for people with crafting skills to offer their services for free, only during the fair, a spot for story tellers and a place new players could talk to guild leaders and ask directly about requirements or advice. Unfortunatly, the time and effort it took to get just the games and contests in place caused this part of the fair to never properly be organized and it fell through the cracks.

Gambling Corner; (Semi-successful)

A simple dice game with a handful of players. Despite the odds, the fair tended to actually gain money from this than lose it. However, ocne Dronit vanished, Spooklee lsot all mental copacity to remember people wanted to gamble and couldnt really find a reliable replacement, so the event was removed from the fairs.

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