Fashion Contest Takes Place at 2pm PST 5pm EST at Emain Macha Stage Channel 3

Signing up for the event will be taking place until 2 hours before the event is to be held. Any later than that you will not be entered. Please send a note to Roux with the category(s) you would like to be entered in.

Please note you may apply for as many categories as you want but you may only win in one.


(1) Cosplay:  This category is meant to express yourself as an NPC from mabinogi only. Pick your favorite NPC and do your best to become an identical version of them. This class will be judged by  (a) the similarity between the characters and the NPC's clothes. (b) the similarity in the characters and NPC's hair and/or face. (c) Uniqueness and creativity.  (d) The similarity of the characters title in relation to the NPC's personality.
Rules specific for Cosplay category:
-NPC transformations are not allowed. IF an attempt to use a trans is made, that character will be disqualified. 
-Clothes that are made specifically for a character are NOT allowed. (including but not limited to, lileas wear, scathach wear, juliet wear, Berched wear,  ect.)

(2) Twin: Grab your bestie and get to work! This category is all about getting together with a friend and seeing how alike you really are. This category will be judged by (a) Similarity of clothes in general. (b) color schemes. (c) similarity of hair/face (d) Uniqueness and creativity (e) similarity of titles.
Rules specific to Twin Category:
-No more than two 'twins' in a group.
-Still, no NPC coins or transformations.

(3) Noob wear: A chance to show your creativity. If you are a true fashionogi, you can handle this challenge!! ALL items of clothing that can ONLY be bought from an NPC. This category will be judged on (a) Color scheme (b) ability to make something basic into something fabulous. (c) creativity and uniqueness.
Rules specific to Noob wear category:
-AGAIN. Only items bought from an NPC

(4) Buff wear: Show off how hard you've worked on making your clothes not only LOOK great, but WORK great. Taking yourself into battle is what mabi is ALL ABOUT. So stack up on those up stones and refining tools to show us what your clothes do for YOU. This category will be judged on (a) Upgrades (b) Reforge (c) Durability left on the items (d) color schemes (e) Overall appearance (f) Functionality for your specific skills (g) Other basic stats (h) and enchants.

(5) OMG Blacklist!!!: Make me blacklist you. Crazier the better *Trolling does not count*

(6) Grand Prize Bracket: Show us your best bar none, this is a battle to the death of fashion. You got it we want to see it.
(a) This is for the winners of each bracket (b) The grand prize bracket is judged as individuals no twins

Judging in all brackets will be based on color selection (how well the colors go together) and clothing style (how well different cuts of clothing go together).Rarity or difficulty of attaining certain objects may be accounted for.
Each judge has 10 points, we will scale you from 1-10, which total ups to 50 points. If you have lower then 30 points in total… Please beware you might have already lost.
The winners, from each bracket ,in the end you will compete with your most WINNING outfit for the Grand prize.

General rules for ALL categories:
(1) In order to take part of this event, you have to apply so that the staff can properly prepare for the number of people who wish to take part in it. To apply please send a note to Stargirl. Applications MUST be in 2 hour before the event starts.

(2) Good sportsmanship is EXPECTED. This is a fun event and is meant to stay that way. Not everyone is going to win. That's why it's a contest. If there are negative attitudes be it from contestants OR people watching, they will be blocked and/or disqualified from the contest.

(3) Each character may apply ONCE for EACH category

(4) Bribing or attempting to bribe a staff member will result in TOTAL disqualification.

(5) Equipment view MUST be on during the contest, but may be turned off just before judging begins with the exception of Buff. Your reforges, enchants and upgrades are part of the judging.

(6) All genders and races are MORE than welcome. Rich or poor. No prejudice here.

(7) Unfortunately due to keeping the event as ORGANIZED as possible. The event will begin ON TIME on the DATE that is pre-determined. Judging will NOT wait for anything. Should the time, date, or location for the event change. Applicants will be notified either in a PM or a NOTE.

(8) Judges, other staff, or participants will not be held responsible for the loss of money put into your clothes to participate in this contest should you lose.

(9) Staff members of the Mabinogi Tarlach Fair's Fashion contest may NOT enter at ALL.

Can't afford fashion in real life? Well now you can in-game, it's a "fantasy life" after all!
(Quote made by Ladygayle<3)

Cosplay: Romeo Rapier
Twin: Blue Katana and Lin/Ren Teeny Dolls
Noob Wear: Project RM Wear and Claymore
Buff Wear: Karis Set
OMG Blacklist: 3x regular flashy dyes, 1x metal flashy dye, and 1 flashy ego dye.
Grand Prize: White Cupid Wings and Black Cat Doll

Will be inputted after the fair is over.

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