Fishing Contests

(This picture was from the first fishing event on Tarlach, run by Nexon.)

More info coming soon. Need to work on this event.

The biggest challenge with a fishing event is how to make it into something people call "Badass" or "Awesome" to players who normally consider the task a boring and tedious chore. In many cases, even the players who consider themselves 'hardcore fishers' just set up a line and walk out of the room for a few hours or off to school before coming home and seeing what their little guy or girl caught while they were away. Having the most difficult minigame in all of Mabi doesn't make it any better.

With this in mind, the Fishing Contests were created with careful consideration and effort has been made to create irresistible prizes without being overbearing and stealing the spotlight from any particular event. Fishing contests are mostly Just For Fun and occur whenever a judge is available or on break from another event. A specific spot is declared for the Fishing contests every fair and a round can be run whenever a judge is present (because we don't have a judge specifically set for this event yet).

This year's Fishing Event will be run just a little bit different. Instead of it happening all at one time the Event will be split up into 4 different 15 minute time blocks in 4 different locations at 4 different times so that everyone can take a shot at participating in the event.

Location 1: Tir Chonaill: Catch the most Titian Carp.

Location 2: Port Cobh: Most Skill Books caught.

Location 3: Vales: Rarest item fished up. If there is a tie the rest of your catch will be taken into account.

Location 4: Avon: Most pages fished up.


Prize; 5 Gems are awarded every round to the winner.
The fair of Dec 16th 2009 saw over 40 gems of various sizes being given away through this event, 9 of which were diamonds.
The June 22 2013 fair will be giving away 78 gems in varying sizes

Current Fair Stock;
Jewel_aquamarine.gif - 6
Jewel_emerald.gif - 9
Jewel_jasper.gif - 10
Jewel_ruby.gif - 7
Jewel_star_sapphire.gif - 9
Jewel_topaz.gif - 11
Jewel_spinel.gif - 7
Jewel_garnet.gif - 11
Jewel_diamond.gif - 10

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