Current submissions for the gambling corner

First and foremost – Any cheating will NOT be tolerated. All who cheat will be asked for their winnings to be returned and banned from participating from events for the duration of the event.
The betting pot will be held by an event moderator.
All betting games will be played with dice.
Bets may be made in increments of 100g, 1000g, 2500g, and 5000g
Game types
- Roulette

  • The game will play similarly to roulette.
  • Players bet against the house.
  • Two dice will be rolled, the first designating a color – RED for EVEN and BLACK for ODD
  • A third die will be rolled designating a number
  • This about a 1 in 12 chance at getting a number
  • Bets will be paid out at 2x the bet

- Highest number

  • Players will play against each other, one to one.
  • The players will bet the same amount of money at a 1:1 ratio; the winner will receive the entire money bet per roll.
  • Each player will roll a die; the highest number will win the bet.
  • If the roll results in a tie, the bet will carry over into the next roll.
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