The Great Kentngo Treasure Challenge!

Work in progress.
So this is a story all about how the hunt got flip turned upside down
I'd like to take a minute, so sit Tarlach, to tell you what's going on in the new Treasure Hunt Batch.

So as the story goes, Spooklee was rubbing his chin in Dunbarton Square late one night, looking over a list of totally junk items. Kentngo appeared at his elbow after a time and piped up, "What's that list for, Spook?"

"Dis be a list of huntin' items spook t'inkin about challengin' people ta find and win stuff." The large black troll unrolled the scroll further for Kentngo to see.

"Pfft, thats childs play, Spook. If you do it like that, there won't be any challenge at all." Kent gently took the scroll from Spook's hands and tore it up. "Forget about that idea! We gotta give them somethign to sink their teeth into and scratch their skulls. They gotta earn it to feel proud about it, right Spook?"

Spook nodded, looking curiously at his friend. "So den.. Ya wanna take de Challenge, mon?"

"Yeah. I'll do it Spooks. And I'm gonna knock your socks off. Just you wait!"

And forever more, Spook has considered the Treasure Hunt to really be the Great Kentngo's brainchild. Eight prizes are devoted to this event each fair, and at least 3 of them are good to rare prizes. Instead of hoping for random selection, people interested can test their wits of mabi knowledge agaisnt one another by cracking Kent's riddles!

Being rude or flaming the Staff involved in this event will disqualify you for any prizes you may have been entitled to.

Kentngo has been put in charge of the Treasure Hunt Task Force, aided by several people who have shown interest and potential.

It's easy to join in the hunt! During the Tarlach Fair, a clue will be bugled. Upon that bugle, the hunt starts. Anyone who can find where the first clue is hidden is automatically registered for the hunt. But that's the boring part. The hunt will consist of riddles, clues and things that'll make you think. If you're not good at PvP but can think outside the box, this event is for you!

The treasure hunt decision making group (Kentngo) is working on new clues for the December 18th Treasure Hunt.

Many of the clues were completely obscure, and most of them had traps of some kind. It was intellectual rape in its purest form.

But…can it be called rape if you like it and want more?

"Trapped in stone,

more than one known.

In the central town, head west and down

But for the Twin known least, head up and east."

Finoewae gave the first clue. I don't want you people to just read the answer yet, take some time to think about it…

The next clue was hidden behind the unicorn statue in the Dunbarton Library. In the central town, head west and down. Many would consider the central town Dunbarton. "West and down" refers to the south-west section of the town, the Unicorn statue. "For the twin known least, head up and east" means that there's one similar to it northeast of the statue. In the Dunbarton library, you meet Zabuden.

If you did this clue wrong, you would be at the first Unicorn Statue wondering where the Fair Representative is.

"Only once you've made a climb,

will you see the signs aside,

Look left, look right, look up, look down

But keep your eyes on the godless town"

This one, you could solve with either pure luck or normally solving. "Only once you've made a climb" is obvious. Get high. "Will you see the signs aside" means that you need to be semi-high up to see what you need to see. "Keep your eyes on godless town" doesn't mean to go to the godless town, but to look in that direction. If you look to the south, you will see a cute little arrow pointing to the cathedral. Finesttime is hiding there with the next clue.

This clue's trap meant to lead you to Bangor, where you will be lonely and forgotten. I've seen people head to Sidhe Sneachta, where the final clue was at. Then they stayed there.

"Offer a song to the Spider," said Finesttime. There are no traps here. There are no hidden puzzles. Go to Alby, the Spider-y Dungeon. Drop a score scroll. See? Easy.

At the end, there's a bunch of accessories on the ground saying 777. No, you aren't supposed to figure that out right away, but many people tried. I left you people to wander for a bit until you found a shop in Dunbarton labeled 777. The shop has a score scroll. If you read the score scroll, you get the next clue. If you decided to buy out the whole shop of score scrolls, I'm talking to you two, you know who you are, I just auto-dqed you. It's really annoying to make those scrolls and one of you still owe me 20k for the time I spent making them.

The only trap here was to stay in the dungeon for more than 5 minutes.

"He demands an encore, and something more, a square, a circle, what does he have in store?"

"He demands an encore and something more." That's telling you to return to the previous clue, but do something else. "What does he have in store?" has two meanings. The first is what he has planned. The second is about an item in the store. In the lower-right corner of the shop, there was a Thin-Thread Ball for 2 million gold.

One solution to this was to buy the Thin Thread Ball and give it to the person in Alby Dungeon, Spideralt. It is unfortunate to say that no one took this solution, as my wallet is running low after all the Tarlach Fair Donations.

But the popular solution was to make your own Thin Thread and give it to Spideralt.

The main mistake here was to drop the thread on Alby Altar. Upon delivering the thread, Spideralt will give you the next clue.

"When you've gone as far as you can go, ask yourself:

What would Mabinogi be without Nao?"

Go far north to Sidhe Sneachta. You will see an igloo. It's password protected.

"What would Mabinogi be without Nao?"


Mbigi was the password.

There were a few problems along the way, I had to give hints to everyone, but people made it in the end.

People who skipped clues and made it to the end with hint spam are (in no particular order) Katara4, Talamandas, Royaca, loveforlife, lampert, Tsubassa and Kuriboh.

The person who solved every single clue, albeit after a hailstorm of hints, FWamane.

Err…try again next time?

Or did you run out of continues?

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