Martial Arts Tournament (Hobo)

This event will be held in the middle of Sen Mag to reduce lag as much as possible (rendering buildings causes lag)


This event is a pvp tournament where users are restricted to wearing knuckles and using only a limited number of skills.

There is no sign up for this event. On the Day of the Fair please proceed to Sen Mag cross roads on channel 3 and you will be directed to the proper location for your bracket.

Allowed skills:

  • charging strike
  • focused fist
  • spinning uppercut
  • somersault kick
  • dropkick
  • pummel
  • respite
  • tumble
  • smash
  • defense
  • counterattack
  • windmill
  • assault slash
  • counter punch

These skills are the only skills allowed in tournament fights. Anyone caught using additional skills (INCLUDING MANA SHIELD) will be dealt a penalty (to be determined by staff).


The purpose of the Martial Arts Tournament is to determine who is the most skilled martial artist, not who has the most money. Althought some people may have worked very hard perfecting their equipment, participants in the tournament will be issued standard, un-upgraded bear knuckles to use in all tournament fights. Participants will also be forced to remove all equipment (except for a robe) and fight without any equipment except the issued knuckles and a robe if the user wishes.

All participants must have their equipment view and journal public so that staff can check their equipment and their level

Level Brackets:

Participants will be divided into one of two brackets based on their total level.

Bracket 1: Total Level 1-999
Bracket 2: Total Level 1,000-1,999
Bracket 3: Total Level 2,000+

Bracket 3 duels will be 0 - 3% duelers choice.

The winners of each bracket will have the opportunity to compete in a "boss battle"

The boss battle consists of the winners facing off against the masterjudges in one last fight. The same rules apply for contestants for equipment and skills. However, the bosses are able to use their normal equipment and weapons. The boss of the 1k+ bracket is also able to use demigod and transformation.

If the player is able to defeat the boss, they win an additional grand prize. If they fail to beat the boss, they still keep the prize from winning the tournament, but they do not get the additional grand prize


Bracket 1:
Judge - Eking

1st place: Speedy heavy Punch Bracers
1st place and boss defeated: Speedy heavy Punch Bracers and 500k
2nd place: 200k gold
3rd place: 100k gold

Bracket 2:
Judge - Jumboshaitan

1st place: Reg Champ Knuckles
1st place and boss defeated: Reg Champ Knuckles and 500k
2nd place: 200k gold
3rd place: 100k gold

Bracket 3:
Judge 3 - Zweifree

1st place: R1 Champ Knuckles
1st place and boss defeated: R1 Champ Knuckles and 500k
2nd place: 200k
3rd place: 100k

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