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April 29, 2013 Staff finalized for June 22nd fair. Wiki is, for the most part, finished. Just needs a few touch ups and some screen shots to beautify it. Must go beat Joey over the head with a wet noodle for pet pvp info…. Just have a few last minute odds and ends to buy and finish final preparations for the Obstacle Course. Had an unfortunate set back on that due to one of our key staff members loosing his account. The server has been great about it though, pitching in where I've needed it the most! YAY SERVER!!! ~Eva ^^

June 22nd 7th Tarlach Fair Scheduled for this date. If there is a change of date we will try to update this and let everyone know ahead of time.

October 6th 6th Tarlach Fair will occur!!!

August 13th 5th will commence under leadership of Zabuden and Loveforlife WOOOOO

June 23rd, 2011 Spook announced that he will not be holding the 5th Tarlach Fair. The Fair leadership has been turned over to Zabuden and Loveforlife.

May 10th, 2011; To the jubilation of some and the surprise of others, I have agreed to do another fair and have started the motions of collecting people.

December 17th, 2010; Maitinence during gathering last minute supplies gives Spook heart attacks.

December 15th, 2010; something always goes wrong int he few days before the fair. I'm generally ready for it when it comes along and can patch it up pretty quick. However, Raealethea suddenly becoming unavailable on the day of the fair for Bardoff judgment is quite a blow. I'm going to have to scramble to find decent replacements. Bluh.

December 11th/12th, 2010; I spent basically the entirety of Saturday (the 11th) meeting with as many people as I possibly could to get the fair in proper order and get people all caught up on as much details as I possibly could. For all the things I post here on this website, theres way more work I do behind the scenes just keeping in contact with people, showing people around, getting people hooked up to events they're interested in and so on. In total, four events had to be rescheduled or dropped entirely due to not lacking staff but TIME to do the whole event list in. After a lot of discussion there is a large consideration for splitting the event into two separate events, a PVP fair and a Social fair, but these are all ideas that will have to be dealt with some other time. Our current focus is the upcoming event in exactly one week. I'm up entirely too late from working on the advertisement banner which like everything else is a month late. Everyone is calling me crazy for all the effort and energy I'm putting into the event and all the time and energy I'm putting into the final days and hours to bring it all together.

I hope the server doesn't crash.

December 3rd, 2010; I spent the majority of yesterday working on finalizing the events schedule with Kent and tagged Ghostly that I needed to talk to him later. Still having a hard time finding a time I'm online at the same time as Tomoshio. However, things are moving along decently well and I hope to have banners up and sign up sheets out by Saturday. Still running behind but most my IRL worries are out of the way for another month or two at least. The oddest development out of all of this has actually been people asking if I had a Paypal they could donate money to, again. I am going to see about arranging something with one of the VIPs since its come to my attention that yes, I need to make money any way I possible can to continue to pay my internet bill… and pay rent…

November 3rd; I tried to tell people I didn't like working in October. Halloween is a big thing for me. I just didn't have the time to dedicate to the website and the fair in general. And apparently, neither did Tomoshio (Lead designer for the Fashion contest) and all but one of the PVP advisers (Kent is a lifesaver). I'm struggling a little but in all honesty, most of the events are on rock solid grounds. Some of the information needs to be updated and we're giving the Experimental crew more space this coming event. The fair has met its minimum fund of 8 million gold and the bank has been more than full for several months. I am still putting energy into making sure the event goes well but I'll be looking for help advertising pretty soon.

Haven't acquired any NX codes as prizes yet though, and need to sort out the prize pile between the primary 9 events and the experimental games (there's at least 3 a large amount of people have shown interest in).

October 8th; don't ask why I'm up past 2 AM, I don't know either. After mulling over wording for hours and getting distracted by guildies shadow missions, I got around to updating the team arena page like I'd been promising for a while now. Rae has control of the bardoff page for now (Not like ti needs much tweaking beyond prize listings), Kent has general control of the Treasure Hunt page though I may go in and clean it up some. Tomo may still have some control over the fashion page but I need to hunt her down and see if she still wants to mastermind the event.

History beyond this point has been moved to a different page. — Spook

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