Obstacle Course

Sign ups for this event are now available. Please note Know127 for entry.

The cut off for sign ups is 15 minutes before the event begins for proper sorting and party making. If you come in after we will do our best to place you in a party but you will have to be placed where ever we can but the cut off time for entry is 5 minutes after the start.

This event is an obstacle course through Par Dungeon. Participants can expect to find barrier spikes, ice mines, and many other, more lethal, obstacles. All participants should be warned that there is a strong chance of death throughout the event, especially for low-leveled participants, and to bless or remove their equipment accordingly. And remember, death does not mean you've lost the race. After all, this is Erinn!


1. All participants must have Elf vs. Giant PvP enabled. All humans must align with either elves or giants before the race begins. Failure to do so will disqualify you from the final round, although you will still be eligible for a preliminary prize. Note, humans who are not aligned can easily do so in Vales, very near Par.
2. Pets, mounts or otherwise, will NOT be allowed inside the dungeon. This includes partners.
3. Mana Shield, Elf Hide, Demigod, Transformation, Wave Sweeper, and Shylock's Step are not allowed.
4. Arat berries and all potions are also disallowed. This includes speed boost potions.
5. While participants will have PvP enabled, they will NOT be allowed to attack other participants or staff. Staff, on the other hand, may very well attack players…
6. After dropping into the dungeon, all participants are required to remain in their party until the race has ended.
7. Nao stones are not allowed. However you can use a phoenix feather but remember, time if of the essence here.
8. No music skills to enhance speed are allowed
9. You may not use any skills what so ever to get thru this course. if caught using any you will be disqualified.
10. Your equip view must be on at all times and you must go naked. Fashion tab clothes only.
11. No speed boost titles are allowed. Please remove ALL titles. (example The Busy)

The obstacle course will be run in preliminary waves of 6 racers. The first-place winner of each preliminary race will receive 100k in gold and be entered into the final round. The winners of the final round will win prizes as follows:

First - Devil Slayer (in addition to the 100k from winning the preliminary race)
Second - Barbarian Fox Scythe (in addition to the 100k from winning the preliminary race)
Third - 300k in gold and a r1 Francisca (in addition to the 100k from winning the preliminary race)

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