Pet PvP/Partner PvP

There is no sign up for this event. On the day of the Fair please go to the center of Onsa Sail and you will be entered into the tournament.

Have you ever wants to watch your beloved animals fight in a bloody hell pit where only one of them is left standing? Have you ever wanted to shell out mountains of cash on your favorite fierce competitor in hopes that you'll win millions? Well then you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the pet arena, where your bloodiest thoughts become reality. All you have to do it pick your competitor and accept the challenge. As each opponent rips the other to shreds and the crowd spurs them on anything can happen, limbs can be ripped off or lovers can mate!



  1. all pets are acceptable
  2. the tournament is double elimination
  3. once you enter you are in it until defeated
  4. you may use AI and/or commands to fight your pet
  5. matches are best 2/3
  6. will be held in Onsa Sail

1st place: 10k nx
2nd place: Kitty head band
3rd place: Bear shoes and Panda Paws

Partner PvP

So how strong is your partner? Bring them to the arena and find out. We are adding an experimental division to the Pet PvP this year and see how it works.

Same rules will apply here as well.

1st place: 500k
2nd place: 250k

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