Pet Rally

Poison pets have been banned.

Please note Rorrin with the type of pet and the bracket it will be entered in.

Current Draft;

This event will focus on the talents of players making AIs and a show of how well they have trained their individual pets. Since pets cannot issue duels to eachother, Players will be isntructed to start a 10% duel with one another and have only their pets attack each other. The first player to knock out an opponent's pet wins. Alternatly, another bracket may be added where a player can submit three pets agaisnt their opponent, a la Pokemon style combat, the winner being the one with the least amount of unconcious pets. Recalling a woudned pet may be considered an Out, this option hasnt been fully explored yet.

Lightweight Bracket

  • Light Weight pets include Lizards, small Birds, Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, Snakes, Spiders, Crabs, Penguins, Elephants, Mini Skeletons, Hedgehogs and Sprites.
  • Were-Pets are not included in this bracket, having Windmill advantadges or Transform from owner that the rest of the bracket does not have access to.

Moderate Bracket

  • Moderate pets include Mountable pets such as Horses, Ostriches, Large Birds, tigers, Unicorns, Mimics and Brooms.

Heavyweight Bracket

  • Heavy weight is largely focused towards the Tofu Bears as they have a somewhat diffrent growth and strength cycle than normal pets.
  • Transforming pets may be included in this bracket due to average strength comparison, this is still in testing.
  • Dragons are included in this bracket as well.

Prize focus is still udner debate. On one hand, the Pet PVP rally could be done with a tournament ladder. On the other, players could submit a minimum bet for each round they wanted to participate in and have a judge on stand by to hold the cash and award it to the winning player. For now, its under discussion.

Tournaments will be done Elimination Style. Single pet battles will be done seperatly from the 3 vs 3 matches. Both contestants of the final match for single pets and 3 vs 3 pets will gain prizes, though the winner will be alloted the better prize.

- Brackets cannot be intermixed in 3vs3 battles. Tofu Bears in a lightweight challenge will disqualify the owner, as well as dogs fighting mounts or what have you.
- Withdrawing a pet from a 3vs3 battle will count that pet as 'out' and a point scored for the opponent.
- Fleeing from the duel will cause you to forefit the match.

Net results from spook's notes;

Ishirou vs Armonn = bear competition = Ishirou Wins (Misannoucned on vid)

Narilyn vs Ishirou = Bear competition = Ishy wins

Shiftster vs Ishirou = Bear Battle = Ishy wins, BARELY

next matches - Medium (They ruled trans pets dk/pally should be heavyweight only due to armor)

Armonn vs Narilyn = Hores vs … kitty? = KITTY WINS! Nari has awesome leetsauce

Shiftster vs Ishirrou = Cat vs horse = Ish wins another battle

Ishi wins the battle but gives the price to NArilyn :)

next bracket - LIGHTWIGHTS

Kandarihu vs Lampss = Penguin vs cat = Kand wins

Shiftster vs Armonn = snake vs penguin = Shifty wins due to poison? Debate.

Spook vs Nary, spook wins but cant champion his own event, so was disqualified.

Kandarihu vs Shiftster = Tiebreaker match = Shift's poison snake wins.
(Will split the prizes between these two due to poison beign an advantage)

All agreed poison should be outlawed

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