All donations are to be sent too Evaline or through the Tarlach Fair shop

Spring/Summer 2013 fair donations: (will be updated whenever I receive donations)
Any items without names were donated anonymously.

We have had so much donated this year and it's getting ridiculous keeping up. People have been just randomly giving me stuff to sell and give as prizes. I appreciate everything that has been done. I'm going to keep it simple and list my donators to give credit where credit is due because with out them the Fair would not be what it is now.

1. Spelloyal
2. Flyingpanda
3. Godmaster
4. Empi
5. Roux
6. outlawslain
7. Spooklee
8. Kuanhao
9. austin0121
10. Stargirl
11. Yellow13
12. Shakaya
13. Know127
14. Operate
15. Fiiath
16. Udo

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