Puppet Battle

This is an experimental event to see if there would be any interest in having something like this.

Are you a puppeteer and have no where to show off your skills? Look no further. Show us your finest, your biggest and your strongest puppet, or maybe you would like to show us your smallest, most dainty, and most beautiful puppet. Either way we want to see it. So welcome to the puppet arena and may the best Puppeteer win.


  • You may summon 1 Colossus and 1 Pierrot
  • Obviously puppet skills only.
  • Duels are requested between puppeteers
  • HP pots are permitted for the puppeteer but not for the puppet (we do not want people going straight for the puppeteer)
  • Duel is over when both puppets are "dead"
  • Duels can be fought at 0 - 3% duelers choice. (We recommend 0)
  • Currently there is no restrictions on what skills may be used by the puppet.

1st place: 500k
2nd place: 250k

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