PvP Duelist Tournaments

This event will be held in the middle of Sen Mag to reduce lag as much as possible (rendering buildings causes lag)

Duelist Notes; Flame Lock banned from duels (Continuously using Flame Burst and stopping then hitting and doing it again), but Flame Burst is still accepted (full cast until they're knocked back). Chain Cylinder is banned from Beginner and Intermediate duels, as many lower levels are single class specialists that have no way to fight against it. It's allowed in Advance, Expert, and Hardcore duels due to low activation success rate. Heat Buster banned from Beginner and Intermediate due to high damage. Puppets are also banned from all brackets because of the 2 on 1 factor with the exception of Hardcore. Mana Shield is prohibited in every bracket. Transformation is prohibited in every bracket except for Hardcore, it has it's own set of rules. Demi god is prohibited in all brackets unless in Hardcore and the rules are tossed.

There is no sign up for this event. On the day of the Fair please go to Sen Mag cross roads and you will be directed by the master and assist judge to the proper location for your bracket.

The original template has gone thru multiple changes to reflect the updates and has now been updated again to reflect the latest changes with the G17S4 update. After more discussion with the players it has undergone more revision to reflect the current skills, combat system, and other items and effects to the combat style.


Feedback from the last fair has inclined us to believe the PVP rules for the tournaments are relatively un-readable by a lot of newer folks to the fairs, so this is an attempt to update and streamline all events as best we can.

Rules for all brackets: (Including Hardcore)

  • Martial Arts is strictly prohibited, if you wish to use MA there is another tournament for that.
  • Golems, Bombs, Poisoned Weapons, Mirage Missile, Puppet Snare, Chain Cast Ice Wands, Barrier Spikes, Advance Magic, Demigod and all music skills are prohibited from all brackets. However Wire Pull is allowed in all brackets.
  • FINAL HIT, FINAL SHOT, AND WIND GUARD MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE PER DUEL. The abuse of wind guard/final shot gives an unfair advantage to players of different races while being hit.
  • Mana Shield is prohibited at all times. If a judge catches you using mana shield, you will be disqualified.
  • Potions, Foods, Elixirs, All Music skills, and other temporary effects to boost ones power significantly over another player are outlawed (As this should be a test of skill, not who has more money/resources).
  • The use of stamina and mana potions are permitted in all brackets.
  • After discussion it is decided that the use of Doppleganger, Berserk, Spider Shot and Shockwave will be banned from use. Counter Punch is considered a Martial Arts skills and is not allowed anyway.
  • The use of the Wave Sweeper is banned.
  • The use of a Persona is banned.
  • Life Drain is banned from all brackets. Frozen Blast will be permitted with one use in Expert only.
  • Rank 1 reforges are banned from all brackets. None higher then rank 3 will be allowed. (This is play to win not pay to win.)
  • Breaking any of the tournament rules or excessive verbal abuse towards any judge or participating player may be grounds for disqualification and forfeiting any prizes you may have won during the event.

Rules Specific to Hardcore

  • Rules stated for All Brackets Apply here
  • Puppets will be permitted but MUST BE AGREED UPON BEFORE THE MATCH BEGINS or else it is illegal.
  • Puppet skills Crises, Climatic Crash, and Puppet Snare are prohibited.
  • Paladin, Dark Knight, Falcon, and Savage Beast are permitted in this bracket provided both parties have it available. In the event of 6am it may be used again if agreed upon before the match begins.
  • All these rules may be tossed out the window if AND ONLY IF both parties agree to it and the Judge of this bracket is made aware of this. This is Hardcore after all and anything goes.

-If you toss these rules that means everything is allowed. The use of Demigod, rank 1 reforge weapons, Frozen Blast, Life Drain, Puppets, Spider Shot, Berserk, Wave Sweepers, Personas, Buffs, spammed skills, Final Hit, Wind Guard, and Final Shot will be allowed with NO RESTRICTIONS. Mirage Missile, Puppet Snare, Poison Weapons, Dischord, and Mana Shield are still prohibited.

  • All Hardcore duels will be fought at 0 - 3% duelers choice. (We strongly recommend 0% if you toss the rules)

All tournaments are Single Elimination matchups. Once you have signed up for a bracket, you are in that bracket until defeated. Please do not apply for multiple brackets.
Each match will begin with the Fair Judge for that bracket assessing the combatant's equipment

Bracket specific:

Beginner Bracket Judge - Shadowsora
1-499 Bracket This bracket is aimed at newer players, and anyone under 500 total levels. Arrow Revolver is discouraged. Chain Cylinder, Flame Lock and Heat Buster are banned from this bracket.
10% duels

Intermediate Bracket Judge - ita
500-999 Bracket Advanced players are encouraged to pit their wills and skills against the higher ranks of our esteemed older and bloodthirsty players. Passive Defense is permissible as is Duel Wielding final Hit. Chaincast Firebolt only acceptable after Charge/Assault.
5% duels

Advanced Bracket Judge - Kenshin2
1000-2499 Bracket This is for players who have honed their PvP skills and are willing to show the world what their made of. Pretty much anything is allowed in this bracket.
3% duels

Expert Bracket Judge - Noknok
2500+ Bracket This is for our pro players who do not wish to be in an anything goes bracket. This bracket will function similar to Hardcore with the exception of puppets and you will not be allowed to toss the rules. About Frozen Blast, you may use this skill once per duel if, AND ONLY IF, both parties agree to it.

Hardcore Bracket Judge - Haydrain
Hardcore bracket 2500+ This bracket is meant for anything goes. If it can go then do it. It is highly advised that if you wish to participate in this that you clearly understand the rules specific to it and understand that this is not meant as a necessarily "fair" bracket. Please remember when rule tossing that you do so at your own risk.


1-499 winner:
1st: 300k
2nd: 150k

500-999 winner:
1st: 300k+ 5 Red and Blue Upgrade stones.
2nd: 150k+ 2 Red and Blue Upgrade stones.

1000-2499 winner:
1st: 300k+ R1 Highlander Long Bow and 7/5 Extraordinary Avenger Dustin Silver Knight Armor.
2nd: 150k+ 3 Red and Blue Upgrade Stones.

2500+ winner:
1st: 1 Focus Rainbow Beam Sword and 3 Fine Reforge Tools.
2nd: 1 million

1st: 10 Fine Reforge Tools and 3 Crendne's Reforgeing Tool
2nd: 1 million

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