Fastest Shadow Runners Competition;

This event has been removed due to only ever attracting three of the same competitors every time. Despite the attempts at making the event fun and exciting, we just couldn't get enough support to do it properly. I apologize to the few that were looking forward to this.

( The Original Dungeon Runner rules were written by Clovercody and have been recently adapted to Shadowrunner. )


Step 1; All participants of the Shadowrunner Contest will report to the Master Judge near the Shadow Mission board (You know, I really need to delegate an exact location for this). Participants who have signed up on the forums get priority for being run through the event, while last minute and on site sign-ups will have to wait for the early birds to be finished. The Master Judge can only deal with one person, duo or Team at a time so please wait your turn to be processed.

Processing Info You Need To Know;
The event is sectioned up by your total level at the date of signing up for the contest. Spooklee suggested that if your at a higher end of a level bracket, go solo or duo, if your at the lower end of a level bracket, gather up a team of similar low to medium leveled players to help you out. Teams that work together typically finish a shadow mission faster than teams that split apart or have several AFKers. If your signing up as a team, please clearly state all names and levels of the persons in your team. You will be asked to have a screen shot of your levels and your character standing by the judge in the event you are awarded with a prize once the scores and times have been tallied up.

Brackets and Challenges;
(These may need to be fixed, I'm trying to do this form memory since I cant log in right now)
The decisions on the difficulty vs levels may seem out of place at first until participants remember the goal of this contest is speed. Difficulty has been decided on based on level of competency and skill required to survive clearing the difficulties without massive critical deaths and losses.

Total Level 50-500; Basic

  • Solo Teams enter with a Judge to 'rush' Shadow Commander 1
  • Duo Teams enter with a judge to 'rush' Shadow Commander 2
  • 7 man teams enter with a judge to attempt to 'rush' Shadow Wizard

Total Level 501-999; Intermediate

  • Same as above, harder difficulty.

Total Level 1k and above; Advanced

  • Same as above, harder difficulty.
  • Currently we do not have a judge for this bracket. Spooklee is still trying to find a volunteer.

Golem Challenge;

  • Stone and Forest Golems can apply for solo and duo Advanced runs with a judge.
  • Sulfur and Snow golems must be run in solo or duo Hardmode runs with a Judge.

Step 2; The Master Judge will set up the participating runners with a Judge and head to the designated Mission.

  • It is the Judge's duty to form the party and get the proper difficulty of shadow Mission for the party they are overseeing.
  • The Judge must immediately write down the names of the player(s) he or she is presiding over and the time of entry into the Shadow Mission.
  • Judges are Non-Combat participants within the Shadow Mission. They are only allowed to provide Ressurections (feathers) for the participating contestants upon request. The Judge must remain outside of the combat room or have 'play dead' available whenever in a combat room or boss room as an Observer Only.

Judges are instructed to keep a 'score card' for each group they oversee and must report this score card to the Master Judge once the Shadow Mission is completed. This Score Card helps determine the finalists and general winners in the event of a tie or competitors with minor second differences. All competitors and groups start with a score of 100. the Judge must keep track of and report any variation in the competitors abilities and Judge Help requests to determine the competitors final score.

  • Each Judge Resurrection removes 10 points from the Score.
  • Each pet summoned to survive an Encounter or Boss removes 3 points. (Per encounter, not per pet)
  • Team Only Infraction; Any time the team splits up, the team score will drop 10 points.
  • Team Only Infraction; Teammates going AFK in the middle of a speed run reduces the entire team's point score by 5. (Pick your teammates carefully! Make sure everyone has time!)
  • Each Additional Golem used after the first costs a soloist/team 5 points.
  • Golems used outside the Golem Challenge will cost a soloist/team 15 points

Step 3; Upon completion of the mission, the judge will immediately note the time and message the Master Judge with the following results;

  • Combatant(s) name(s);
  • Time Into the Mission
  • Time Mission was Completed
  • Each Judge Resurrect
  • How many encounters were cleared with use of Pets;
  • How many times Parties Split
  • How many times Party Members AFKed

Step 4; The Master Judge will inform Spooklee of the Results. Spooklee will keep a master list of all the times and records and announce prizes and winners once the event has been completed by all listed participants.

Step 5; To claim a prize, you must be able to post a full screen shot of your total level on the official Nexon Server Forums. The submitted screen shot must be taken at the day of the fair with your judge or the master judge within the screen shot to be valid, and not edited in any way (this means no shrinking or cropping, we want to be able to see everything on your screen for confirmation).

Prizes will be hand delivered by either Spooklee himself or one of the primary staff. The Judges themselves do not have the prizes, so please don't beg or threaten to get something they don't have.

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