If you encounter someone claiming to work for the staff or sanctioned by Evaline and is trying to get NX, money or items and is NOT on this staff list, please send a note to Evaline immediately. We do not take kindly to imposters, and this website is updated frequently.

As the fair grows and expands, the players needed to staff each event and contest grows. The Tarlach Fair is a beast of an event that is powered entirely by the players from our community who want to be more than just another face in the sea of our server. Each of them have their own reasons for joining, but the unified strength of strangers working together for a greater goal is a magnificent thing to behold. The fair grew from a little party and a silly idea into a new way to socialize and meet people we may not have ever known before, find common interests and work hard to present the sparkling visions of what we enjoy the most about Mabinogi to our fellow guys and girls of Tarlach. The people listed on this page are dedicated to the future of the fair and trying to make everyone's experience a positive one.

The Permanent Staff is the core group of creative minds and dedicated individuals in maintaining the stability and progress of the fair. Their jobs range based on their interests and they fill in for eachother when something comes up, donate things to the prize pile, donate NX for the maintenance of the bank, come up with ideas, concepts, and feedback, and do anything else that needs getting done.

Evaline Taken over the position of Fair head. Eva's intention is to continue the fair so that the citizens of Tarlach can continue to enjoy the events brought to them by Spook himself.

Spooklee Spook is not only the grandfather of Rayout, but the grandfather of the fair as well. Even if he only pops on to supervise us a bit during the fair, he will always have an honored place among the Staff for all the support and time he has put into making the fair what it is today.

Raealethea also attained a permanent position by following Spook around both physically and with messaging, discussing the Bard-Off event and generally giving input and information about a skill Spook had never personally practiced. Her energy and interest secured her a position as a spellchecker for the website and finally Master Judge for the Bard-Off event and general adviser to Spook. (See kids, stalking pays off! -Rae)

Master Judges are people who have volunteered to take responsibility for certain projects within the fair's event cycle. Their job is to collect data fromt he toher judges and staff maintaining each event and make sure winner information or feedback is delivered to Spook. Spook in turn makes sure to hook people up with their prizes based on whatever event they are associated to, and gets their names listed on the website after the event is over. These positions tend to change every fair as the jobs are a little more intensive than the standard positions and not everyone wants to be a permanent helper.

Master Judge
GHOSTLYBARD,Ghostly is once again The Most Awesome Master Judge for the Bardoff for the 2013 Fair as he has for almost every one.
Coming Soon Has taken up the mantlepeice of Master Judge for the PVP Duelist event!
Roux is currently the Master Judge for the Fashion Contest event!
Coming Soon is currently the Head Judge for the new Obstacle Course event!
Zweifree is the judge of the brand new Martial Arts PvP event!
Operate is the new Chief Judge for the Homestead Judging event!
Alchemy is now the new Head Master for the Pet PvP event!
Nataraja is taking on the Fishing Event as it's Head Master.

Confirmed Short Term Staff consists of people who are volunteering for one specific fair or just to fill in a slot for a particular game. They may or may not continue serving as staff for later events, but have signed up to devote time and energy to learning how the fair works and the roles and responsibilities that come with the job. Bold is assistant master judge

Fashion Contest Staff:
PVP Duelist/Arena Battle Staff:
Bard-Off Staff: **
Homestead Judging Staff: **
Obstacle Course Event: **
Martial Arts Tournament: **Jumboshaitan
Pet PvP:
Fishing Event**:

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