Tarlach Fair History

October 6th 6th Tarlach Fair will occur!!!

August 13th 5th will commence under leadership of Zabuden and Loveforlife WOOOOO

June 23rd, 2011 Spook announced that he will not be holding the 5th Tarlach Fair. The Fair leadership has been turned over to Zabuden and Loveforlife.

May 10th, 2011; To the jubilation of some and the surprise of others, I have agreed to do another fair and have started the motions of collecting people.

December 17th, 2010; Maitinence during gathering last minute supplies gives Spook heart attacks.

December 15th, 2010; something always goes wrong int he few days before the fair. I'm generally ready for it when it comes along and can patch it up pretty quick. However, Raealethea suddenly becoming unavailable on the day of the fair for Bardoff judgment is quite a blow. I'm going to have to scramble to find decent replacements. Bluh.

December 11th/12th, 2010; I spent basically the entirety of Saturday (the 11th) meeting with as many people as I possibly could to get the fair in proper order and get people all caught up on as much details as I possibly could. For all the things I post here on this website, theres way more work I do behind the scenes just keeping in contact with people, showing people around, getting people hooked up to events they're interested in and so on. In total, four events had to be rescheduled or dropped entirely due to not lacking staff but TIME to do the whole event list in. After a lot of discussion there is a large consideration for splitting the event into two separate events, a PVP fair and a Social fair, but these are all ideas that will have to be dealt with some other time. Our current focus is the upcoming event in exactly one week. I'm up entirely too late from working on the advertisement banner which like everything else is a month late. Everyone is calling me crazy for all the effort and energy I'm putting into the event and all the time and energy I'm putting into the final days and hours to bring it all together.

I hope the server doesn't crash.

December 3rd, 2010; I spent the majority of yesterday working on finalizing the events schedule with Kent and tagged Ghostly that I needed to talk to him later. Still having a hard time finding a time I'm online at the same time as Tomoshio. However, things are moving along decently well and I hope to have banners up and sign up sheets out by Saturday. Still running behind but most my IRL worries are out of the way for another month or two at least. The oddest development out of all of this has actually been people asking if I had a Paypal they could donate money to, again. I am going to see about arranging something with one of the VIPs since its come to my attention that yes, I need to make money any way I possible can to continue to pay my internet bill… and pay rent…

November 3rd; I tried to tell people I didn't like working in October. Halloween is a big thing for me. I just didn't have the time to dedicate to the website and the fair in general. And apparently, neither did Tomoshio (Lead designer for the Fashion contest) and all but one of the PVP advisers (Kent is a lifesaver). I'm struggling a little but in all honesty, most of the events are on rock solid grounds. Some of the information needs to be updated and we're giving the Experimental crew more space this coming event. The fair has met its minimum fund of 8 million gold and the bank has been more than full for several months. I am still putting energy into making sure the event goes well but I'll be looking for help advertising pretty soon.

Haven't acquired any NX codes as prizes yet though, and need to sort out the prize pile between the primary 9 events and the experimental games (there's at least 3 a large amount of people have shown interest in).

October 8th; don't ask why I'm up past 2 AM, I don't know either. After mulling over wording for hours and getting distracted by guildies shadow missions, I got around to updating the team arena page like I'd been promising for a while now. Rae has control of the bardoff page for now (Not like ti needs much tweaking beyond prize listings), Kent has general control of the Treasure Hunt page though I may go in and clean it up some. Tomo may still have some control over the fashion page but I need to hunt her down and see if she still wants to mastermind the event.

October 4th; Circle has elected themselves to staff the Bardoff so Spook doesn't have to worry about it. To encourage other guilds and server soloists, Circle members have been ordered NOT to apply to the event. No guild bias will be involved, as the guild strives to be fair or Spook will kick their butts. :p (I have more fun forms of punishment that I'll be employing….~Rae)

Edit; Mcxar landed a full time job, he's working 12 hour shifts and doesn't have a lot of time for mabi right now. He's ecstatic to be working again but the shifts are draining him of all his energy. He wishes us the best.

September 8th; People are bugging me about updating the fair website in all directions. Lots of people still walk up to me every day with new game ideas and questions about the old game systems as well as an increase in volunteers. I've put some people to work and questioned others and roughly nine totally different people with nor elation to each other have all come up with variations on the Balloon Wars that were inspired by the 80 Balloons Over Tara event. Things are in the works, I just need to find time to sit down and update all the stuff that's been going on.

July 22nd; There's a lot that should be put here but for now it will be a mention that Mcxar of Tarlach plans on being a long term donator for the Tarlach Fair prize pile. Spook mistook him for a noob but after dropping his name to a few people and being smacked about the head for not doing his research, he was taken off to Mcxar's house and marveled in amazement at his stuff.

Unfortunately, news from the Mari Fair is only just starting to filter in (since spook was forced out of the house during Mari's weekend fair) and Spook is not at all impressed as to how things were handled. However, it WAS Mari's first attempt and they have learned from their mistakes as anyone who hasn't run a mass event before is bound to do. Spook will make more effort to get more feedback on what all went wrong and try to create a more formal report later.


June 29th; Nubs are convinced Spook must be some kind of a GM in hiding and are trying to push Spook to submit a resume to Nexon. Older players are trying to get Spook to do it too, but Spook isnt sure. Either way, the remaining items that weren't won at the 26th fair were given away or sold in an epic raffle type contest. Spook rolled a d100 (Spook is a Dungeons and Dragons DM, he has lots of dice) and then said an item in his shop that was open for trying to guess the number on. As a twist, the items were all for sale for reasonable prices so the really crafty rafflers could buy an item before the timer was up if they REALLY wanted it. Crazyjuan ended up sniping about 5 items this way from other rafflers and netting the fair just over 2 million gold. The event lasted just over 2 hours with a new item being rolled for every 8 minutes. The server forum was also involved int he rolls and the thread ended up being 122 posts long while forum goers tried to compete with the 50 people packed tight into the square around Spook.

Net result; all the items no one wanted to compete for are gone, given to lower level raffle guessers and competitive people looking for some fun. I feel sorry for mat60000 though, people kept sniping him because he had his PVP on and they were mad he guessed the right number for the Black and White kite shield. After that people realized they should turn PVP off. XD

June 27th; The day after the fair. the recap will likely be long as I arrange all the reports out of the goop that became my poor overloaded mailbox. the system is really kind of wonky in Mabinogi, notes, mailboxes and banking. Don't forget the random trade windows. Ghostlybard is making good on trying to impress Spook with his skills to run through the Experimental Games list and try his hand at becoming its master. Its a wily beast, but Spook thinks he might be able to handle it.

Spook will personally deal with Snowangel001 and claims responsibility for her behavior in the next event. Keep your pants on.

June 22nd; Exhausting past 4 days, but satisfactory. A few updates to pages here and there, and a 'thank you' to Rae and Tomo for keeping up the website properly in his absence.

June 17th; Spook realizes the news page has been outdated for over a week and apologizes. However a few days ago, Spook was inducted to the FFXIV Beta and has been having a hard time playing both systems at once and managing both forums on top of IRL duties. Two staff meetings were held in the news gap and need to be recapped later. Also, today is Spook's Player's birthday (the character's birthday is in October lol).

June 4th; Spook found 3.1 million in checks from Impersah in my bank this morning. Spook was floored. This is pretty good incentive to finish the website for the weekend and get everything running properly. Side note, I just noticed two donated blades are missing from the prize pile picture. They were on my horse, which I forgot to check before taking photographs. I'll have to update the pile later.

June 3rd; Updated several sections of the website. Currently going over the mess that is the Treasure Hunt page.

June 2nd; Back from Fanime and hit the ground running. 600k donated and 600k from the Fair Donations Shop nets the fair 1.2 mil today.

May 23rd; Thanks to Redstar (117 and 118), the fair shop made 350 K today with his donations of gems and ores. This is his third massive gem/ore donation to the fair shop this week and Spook has decided to give him VIP status for continuing to work for the fair funds even though Spook only asked him to do the job once. Cheer him on if you see him, Redstar!

May 21st; thanks to a lot of people helping, advertising and just hanging out, the fair shop made 670k today. A bunch of thigns were also donated. Spook will record them tomorrow, is really tired right now.

May 19th; Spook needs to stop reading the Mabinogi Life forums, his IQ tends to drop and he explodes in anger at all the whiny people. In other news, Spook has made a more formal announcement about attempting to get 80 Balloons floating over Iria some time during the June 26th fair. More and more people are getting excited about it, sheerly because its something different. Additionally, Bellynn donated some NX so Spook could re-open the goods for donations shop again. Spook is also working on trying to get another code or two to give away as prizes for certain fair events. Time will tell as to weather it works or not.

Additionally, the Mari Fair is moving forward, collecting its staff together, working up ideas and keeping fairly regular contact with Tarlach members to see what ideas can be shared between the fairs. Spook has encouraged Mari to try some ideas Tarlach hasn't been able to do and send feedback after their event to see how things go over. Their event is set to be some time in July.

The Fair Donations Shop made 400k today from Spook selling all the random things he possibly could from the non-prize collection he had, and about 3 hours of metallurgy (still making more doing this than running a farm).

May 11th; Spook has a very busy schedule for the next two months but is making as much effort as possible to put energy and work into the fair. Team leaders for events are being progressively worked on, new events are being built, old events are getting re-made and fixed, and the general population is being polled for feedback and requests.

Projects for the website; Feedback form and sign up sheets on the website itself rather than flooding the official forum (As much as I like generating traffic for the official website, until they upgrade to a new system, the interest the fair is generating is bogging down their servers even more).

As of March 27th, Spook has been extremely sick and unable to work on fair or website.
As of April 5th, fired Thosha from staff as his life is generally pulling his focus away from Mabi and Spook doesn't wish to complicate his life further for a while.

March 25th; Doing some touch ups and cleanups of the site when I have a chance.
A 'Credits' page has been created to give people a little mention for having helped with the fair, for when I have to clean up pages and wipe data.

March 23rd;
After discussing with the four winners of the popular vote, all four have agreed to a recount. Spook has promised to cut checks out to those who DID win the popular vote, but is currently holding on to prize packs until the videos of the event are online and a board can review the songs. Instead of making anyone feel cheated out of their votes however, the conest is being rebuilt to include more catagories instead of a simple popularity contest, with a new rule-set and panel of judges. More data will be released when we have it.

March 21st;
The fair was a smashing success, even through the rough and tumble. The numbers haven't been completely confirmed yet but we absolutely had over 100 people attend, and that was just from a random screenshot at the bard-off.
Bard-off decisions ended up in voting game to be revised entirely, and lots of feedback will alter the progression of the contest.
However, its been a long weekend, and Spook is going to go curl up in his bed and pass out for a few days.

March 18th; Set final staff meeting to be 6 PM PST in Taillteann on the 19th.
Discovered at least two staff members have no idea what they're doing. Will cover it during meeting.
Have words of possibly more NX coming in on Saturday for bugles but haven't actually gotten hands on the money yet.
PVP looks like its going to be moved into the area where the culin stones are mined due to the PVP community complaining their favorite aspect of PVP is watching other people getting beaten up. Will have shadow missions as a backup in the event people start grieving the contestants.
Got fed up with crashing just by standing in Dunbarton while setting up shop and used Mabiworldwiki's DLL fix for the time being. Spook's ONLY ever alteration of his game files. It makes him feel uneasy, but if its an official fix until they solve the problem, Spook has to run it. Spook cant afford to crash during the event.

March 15th; Spook picks up 25K NX. A fifth bank is now to be had and service extended until 4/17. Screenshotted banks, working on pic for prize page now.

March 12th; More donations came in, about 1.5 mil. Spook has basically capped on his capability to hold things. The next 8 days will be spent advertising and preparing the staff.

March 11th; Expected Fair Costs

500k - cooking/fishing
100k - pvp 500
100k - pvp 1k
350k - 1k+
350k - Hardcore
450k - shd 500
700k - shd 999
1.200k - shd 1k+
500k - casino
500k - treasure
500k - silly
2.500 - orchestra reserve
7.600 Million

Spook doesn't 'play around' when he says he's throwing a fair.

Took some things off 'to do' list

March 4th; IRL business done for the time being. Another spark quits Tarlach. Inventory to be recycled. May have to cut off donations.

March 2nd; Spook had a lot of IRL business to deal with. Not much was done for the fair.

March 1st; Signup sheets went live on the official Nexon forum as of today.
Casino/gambling corner has also been confirmed for the event. debating letting the Judge name it since he's doing a good job.
- Fixed an issue with video not linking properly in the bardoff page.

February 28th;
Many fair staff meetings and discussions and still haven't gotten everyone to all meet up at the same time. Strangely, a lot of 'bored' people willing to help out. The new generation sure got old quickly, didn't it.
More interest in a cosplay event. Excitement when Spook mentioned posing it like a parade. Interest is catching. We're working on it, but not for March. (also, side thoughts about awarding prizes to cooks who cosplay as whatever chef they're trying to imitate *coughGordonRamsaycough*.)

Staff meeting. About 7-8 people showed up, not all of them staff, some were just interested parties who were keeping tabs on Spook, such as Rae. Some interesting questions were brought up and answered and debated and tossed. A few locations in the wiki may receive some updates soon.

Event map is being worked on. Event time schedule is more solid now. Just need to prepare the sign up threads now and farm like crazy to make money for the fair.

February 27th; Spook was down and out with food poisoning. Could not sit up long enough to log in, much less play.

Feb 26th;
Its getting down to Crunch Time and we're all working on getting everything in place, even though the event is still two and a half weeks away. Spook is putting up a big effort to try and train all the staff for each event they've enlisted to help, and is still collecting donations.
Shinmeiryu contacted Spook about helping and surprised him by giving a 10k NX cash card code as a prize. Spook is deeply honored by such a donation and has added her HIM to the VIP list. (VIP doesn't get any extra perks other than having VIP in front of their name for spending real money towards the fair.)


Feb 24; Got in touch with Tibaroo, fair may have gotten some dev notice. o.o

Finally finished the rough draft of the Fastest Shadow Mission Event. Renamed the event Shadow Runners for the sake of not having the event name scroll off the side of the wiki menu bar.
Had to place backup song on hardest orchestra challenge, haven't heard from hired composer.
Polling indicates a fashion contest of a few different types. Will look into for future fair event.
Discussed Mabinogi Parapara, Races, Fashion Events and more stuff than you could shake a fist at with everyone who wanted to submit ideas and finally got to the "Read the web page I'm tired of explaining the fair." to people sending me messages in game instead of reading the forums. Lol, I need dinner.

Feb 23rd; Gathering up a final list of recruits, volunteers and general staff and setting the world ins tone. The next fair will likely happen over two or three zones and heavy use of shadow missions. Everyone who has donated and all the staff are looking forward to the event. Spook is mostly hoping the fair doesn't crash the server :p

Also; PvP and Alchemy have been discussed. I need to update the PvP page again to discuss recent additions that have been brought to attention thanks to G9.

Changed Guild Recruitment Page; Now community recruitment posting for guilds. Shall be updated once a week with any new or old guild looking for recruits.

Staff page and Bard Off rules have received minor updates. Jan 23rd

Spook will be working from 8 AM to 6 PM from the 11th to the 16th. Spook will likely be exhausted and not want to talk about fair stuff, probably just eat dinner, mindlessly kill stuff for a few hours, and go to bed.

Raised almost 1 million Gold Jan. 5th with in game Donation shop. The staff size for farmers, prize hunters and donators is growing as the word is getting passed on to people we meet while hunting for more things to satisfy the community.

The PvP issues have been addressed. As of January First, all participants and commenters are satisfied with the rulings. No further work will be done on rule changes, only judge selections and prizes.
PvP balance objection has been brought up again as of Jan 2nd and this is probably the most work Spook will ever do on the fair.
PvP rules have been finalized for the time being.

All things below this line are being removed as they're being implemented.

Volunteers and Donators

- Anyone wishing to sign up for Staff should take a look over the segments below to determine if they want to work on a specific event or just fill a hole wherever a person is needed. You can leave messages here or send Spook a note in game if you're on frequently. Spook can assign tasks as they come up.


- New discussion has opened about initiating a sub branch of "Silly Mode" that involves players doing dice roles competitively to see who gets the better armor selection from a fair provided pool of items to make combat more challenging. Gear will have to be collected for this to work and experimented with.

- Now… I wasn't going to announce this idea yet but I've been having a hard time getting Serris tracked down and cornered to talk to (He's AFK a lot, gr), but Spook and the staff are currently batting around ideas about Team Battles. The First idea was to have little mini tournaments between teams with each man getting assigned to a duel with another rivaling teammate and the team with the most prizes wins a pot. The alternate idea is to allow 5 man teams to submit their team to matches of 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 matches with extended rules that would, say, allow a player to shoot a firebolt to save a teammate, heal other teammates, and possibly challenge modes along the lines of 'one melee, one range, one mage', 'three melee-ers' and so on. This would, however, require people to leave their current guilds on a temporary basis and create a temporary guild specifically for the fair event. Spook is currently focused on hammering you the rules for Hardcore, but if interest develops in this project, it'll be next on the list.


- A few people commented a desire of having a side competition for Composition, dictating or playing a song for a group of composers then seeing how well they can mimic the song. As interesting as an idea this is, Spook isn't entirely sure how to implement it yet. If anyone has ideas about this, leave a message.

- Spook was discussing with the staff and the judges and despite amusing comments, Spook's idea for including how stylish the bards are dressed was actually vetoed. After all if you spend so much of your time to cap musical playing or composing, your probably not grinding up the gold to buy some fancy gear or flashy dyes. The contest will remain strictly musical. (But spook still thinks its awesome when people show up in their best clothes ^_^)

- Speaking of the Rare Music Challenge, This mini-contest is entirely devised by Spook and has little input from anyone else. There are certain songs Spook likes to hear that seem to be totally unheard of by most the barding community. There were quite a few people who wanted to submit their scrolls, but spook only ever actually got the one. So, next time, Spook will try and get a selection of musics for people to rival for. To the point that Spook has actually had some discussion with published singers and musicians, asking if some of their more musical or acoustic songs can be used for a virtual competition. After showing one of them a few videos of the competition, the singer friend started sending Spook freshly released songs and they discussed how to implement them. :D (Again, probably musicians that most of the barding population hasn't heard of XD)

Gambling Den

- We need more ideas, that's the brunt of it.

- The gambling den next fair may include some mini contests that we cant really describe another place for. Such things as best Smash Damage for specific ranks, 21 or Bust style games, Craps, Possibly Yatzee, etc.

- 200k was submitted to the gambling den for the house pot to bet against. This number will remain the basic house pot until either used or more interest thrives in the Gambling den.

Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

- A few ideas have popped up about how to deal with this. since we're likely to throw the next fair at Iria somewhere, we're looking at; A) A Sketching Scavenger hunt, B) A Drop/NPC item Treasure hunt, C) Spreading out Treasure Staff around the fair in a Wheres Waldo style picture contest (Because the Ambush Photography thread is so amusing) or D) Gathering up staff specifically for the treasure hunt to carry the required items so players must trade with them to get their required items. Option D would require the most work on our part however and is the least likely to happen at this moment since Staff is limited.

- Prizes for the Treasure Hunt will default to cash prizes until we're able to acquire something worth playing for.

Video Contest

- Currently have no plans to implement this, as much of an amusing idea as it was. We have our plates full with setting a foundation for the fair's games and staffing them all. A video contest may be considered at a later date.

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