Team Arena

Connus Arena — December 18th, 2010 challenge

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Your participation as a combatant or just an observer is valuable in making this event better and better…
- Brawl Master Judge Smashie
Support Staff; Zehara

This event has been designed as being a step up from the traditional duelist challenges or random kills in the city squares. Many of the rules that crush down on the duelists in the interest of 'fair play' have been removed from Team Arena to encourage a show of full force and tapping on the skills you all have worked so hard to acquire and rank up. Understandably a few things will still have to be 'banned' in the interests of not making every match a one hit knock out, but don't expect endless matches or stale mates either.

After the testing period (June 26th) and discussing things with those who attended competed and observed, Spook has been working on remolding this event to better suit the combating community. Still very much a work in progress, the following is the re-working of the event which may be tweaked on further feedback.

Banned skills; (For this event anyway)

- Demigod
- Mana Shield
- Bombs
- Potions and Elixirs
- Golems

We are not banning Mirage Missile, Poisoned Weapons, Arrow Revolver and a number of other skills that are normally banned due to the rules changing when you have multiple people to deal with instead of just one on one. Testing will be done over the next few months with new alchemy and cylinder skills to see if anything needs to be banned as 'broken' in PVP until the last week before the event.

If all goes well there will be two teams of Staff for this event on different channels, one team handing the 2 vs 2 matches, the other team handling the 3 vs 3 matches. Teams will be handled in a single match elimination style combat between the teams unless a Foul is called (rule violation). Each team should have a chance to fight once before the finalist rounds are entered. Sign-ups are limited, late arrivals will not be allowed to enter.

2 Vs 2 Grand Prize; 1 Million Gold each

3 vs 3 prize; 30 Diamonds (Up to you how to split it)

Spook is expecting each Judge team will need one master judge to keep track of the Elimination table (tardy teams will be skipped/counted as a forfeit) and two or three 'stage hands' to keep teams in order and call out which teams are next etc.

Also advised to bring supplies of bandages or some judges with a hefty chunk of change for bandages from elf-town for those allied with giants and unable to go into town without being slaughtered by the guards.

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