Caught On Tape; Dec 16, 2009

This page is sortof a Shout Out to the people who all attended the fair, and something of a thanks. None of the fair staff had even thought of filming videos of the events, and some were surprised to see videos going up in the little after party in Emain's bank afterwards. This page will be updated whenever Spook is fed a new video related to the fair(s).

Bard-Off Contest; (Kentngo - Only My Railgun) (songsrme - Tohou) (Exlunar - Last Carnival) (Deathfairy - Gotatsu (totoro)) (Boy - Canon) (Raealethea and Chizzlah - Knights of Cyndonia) (Amelianna - ???) (Snowangel001 - ???) (Lollypop123 - Jingle Bells) (Koname - ???) (Leocs and Nao2 - ???) Sidenote; this was Leo's contribution from what I understand, Nao2 was pulled in as a partner last mintue because his origional partner left. (Dethbone36 - Silent Night) Well it IS christmas… (Tec9 - it sounds famillair but spook cant place it) (Zenithe - Dont Want You No More - Twilight Princess Theme) (Miriflower - ???) (Hainesa - ???)

Alternate Unedited Recordings of the Bard-Off (Including the staff drumrolls and other things) (Event attraction, I didnt even know this was going on lol) (A breif conversation from yours truely to recorders) (Kentngo) (Boy) (Tec9) (EXlunar and Deathfairy) (Pheonix12316 and Twilithikari duet)

PVP Event (From watching these, Spook cana lready tell what needs to be done diffrently next time) 100-500 Level finalists; Kentngo vs Twilithikari 501-1000 Level finalists; Cyraicus vs Mistuhide So thats where she was, Mist had signed up for the Bard-Off too, we were forced to skip her act. 1k+ Levels finalists; Serris0 vs Kakashi7 Aw, spookw as udner the imrpessiont hat it had been a closer match. Still, leader of Bliss against leader of TWpride? Epic!

Amature Videos And what the event really looked like to people who actually got to go :p (A display of what the staff was trying to do an d the drumroll fromt he stage crew to seperate acts so we could prpare) Found this by accident. Look who shows up int he right hand corner..

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