Videos Of March22 2010

Baal vs Flammability; 1k+ PVP finalists (Love the commentary from the filmer, heh)

Bardoff Walkabout (Someone got smart and did a little walk around the crowd to show attendance.)
A general slideshow From Nanako :D
Cow Drumline Filmed by Nanako :D
( Spook saw these guys lining up but didnt know what they were doing. Seeing the video now is doubly funny due to one person messaging Spook and saying the cow line was causing lag and to 'deal with it'. Spook dealt with it by ignoring the complaint. Its a fair. Fairs are to do weird stuff and have fun. lol.)
Hainesa's Bardoff Song (This is being mislabeled as Ghostly's song) ( we'll have a better listing of bardoff songs later. )
Rae's Bardoff song (Kentngo and Itami as backups)
Drumline video Exceptionally creative but wasn't seen in the main events. Spook kinda regrets missing this team.

The first entry video for the basic Orchestra Challenge; (Missing a drummer) - Courtesy of Ghostlybard and crew.

The song they were emulating;

The second entry video for the basic Orchestra Challenge; (Said the lute was lagging) - Courtesy of RaeAlethea

The song they were emulating; (I'm sure)

The Following is a collection of videos from our very own filmographer for the fair, Celandine!
Celandine's arrival!
Wait a second, is that a… golem on a seesaw?!
Tarlach is one again taught a lesson; Being trapped in the G1 storyline makes for bad fighting skills.
… and again…
Fluffy Time! (Fitting that Kent is standing next to Hainesa in his sheep suit)
A few mini-clips from the Fishing event (twice as big as the first fair!)
(The event ended up being passed on to Grizz and Fuz as I needed to be elsewhere. They said they liked having a job that required them to sit there and do nothing but call out random numbers. XD)
Celan taking a moment to look at the Bardoff stage right before the event was officially announced.
Spook honestly had to appreciate whoever though of using a balloon to ferry people from town to the bardoff.
Getting people into position…
This was a lot funnier from the staff's point of view; Spook hadnt trained them at all. Not that the audience knew that.
Kentngo's Entry (solo)
Its a lot harder to manage people without a real stage, spook learned.
Snowangel001's entry (duet)
You can always tell what time it is in mabi… Fortunatly the staff was prepared for this..
Royaca's entry (duet)
Tsukeki's Entry (solo)
Shadowlee3's Entry (sextet/orchestra)
Haan's entry (duet)
GHOSTLYBARD's entry (solo)
Nyoneko's Entry (solo) Amazing crowd response on this one.
Blakkite's entry (solo)
EXLunar's entry (solo)
Soifa's entry (solo)
Kazeha's Entry (solo)
Romillo's Entry (solo)
Spook is thinking about giving Flammability a promotion.
Tsubassa's Entry (Duet) Warning; Loud
A good use of a giant.
As a distraction when Spook has discovored people missing.
Shinatron's Entry (Solo)
xCruelbladeX's entry (solo)
Temjin's entry (solo)
Koriko's entry (solo)
Amelianna's Entry (solo)
bloodmage0's entry (trio)
Celandine's Entry (solo)
Nao2's entry (duet)
Frelia's Entry (solo)
Magical Sheep's entry (solo)
Heainesa's entry (quartet)
Raealethea's Entry (trio)
They tried to warn him, but Spook Had to try the public voting anyway.
Spook has been watching the chat box this entire time. Surprisingly little drama. Yeah. That came AFTER the fair.

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