Winners of the Dec 16th, 2009 Fair

Dec 16th Attendance;
150 estimated for pvp event
60 estimated for bard off event
8 for fishing event
2 for cooking event
50 estimated for dungeon runner event (Most ended up going to pvp instead)

Bard-Off Winners

songsrme wins Best Boy prize = Bat Suit Jacked (light red, purple straps)
Boy wins runner up Best Boy (Silly, no?) And gets a Flashy Dye.
Raealetha and Teammate Chizzlah win Best Gir = The black Becky Witch Dress (She dyed the inner robe blue! Nice!)

Consolation prizes were given to several other particpants as a thank you for showing up and an apology that we were unable to run the event longer. (Corn Tea, gems left over from Fishing, some potions, and lots of hugs)

Biggest Fish Winners

Woofle gets closest catch to 74 CM with 96 CM fish. Thats right, with 25 minutes, that was the smallest they could find. She won a Diamond, a Ruby, Two Sapphires and two Aquamarines.

Obscurity gets the closest catch of 132 CM with a 128 CM Golden Scale Fish. She Recived A diamond, A Ruby, Two Sapphires and Two Aquamarines. :p

Aldebran is the closest to 149 CM with a 141CM Rainbow Trout. He is awarded a Diamond, a Ruby, Two Sapphires, and an Aquamarine :p

Iron Chef Winner

… Wins completely because no competition shwoed up. Kentngo won a stack of Cooking Potions.

Fastest Dungeon Runner Event

Spook made a bad judgement call on one of the rules so in the end, only ONE PERSON QUALIFIED … But he was also the first person in. Spook was suprised to find out most of those who showed up for the event were over 900 and had to be turned away.

… Spook still made Peadrian WORK for his prize. The judges realized whatw as wrong about an hour after he went in. However, it took him two and a half hours to clear Rundal Hard Mode Solo at Level 424. He scored -220 points for calling the Judge in to rez him 21 times and using a pet to clear 6 rooms. Thats Dedication. He's walking away witht he signed (faye) Valencia Full Plate Mail (M). (And Spook wasnt very awake when he posted this origionally and had to recheck screenshots for his level.)

Gambling Den

Some point late into the fair, the Gambling Crew came in and set up hastily in Emain Castle. Spook gave them 200k to work with from the fair funds and left, trusting the money to wtfuz and his pit crew. Spook didnt hear ffromt hem until the end of the fair. Apparrently the fair made about 40k in bets instead of losing all the money like Spook had been expecting. (lol)

And what Im sure you've all been waiting for;

Everyone give a big round of Applause for putting up with the PvP area by himself because spook asked 5 other people and they all said no… Erosiaku! He held a lot of responsibility and did a good job with keeping things in as much order as he could. Spook's helm is off to this great man… And promises better staff support next time.

Kentngo wins his first real event properly, taking the 100 prof Lightning Wand as booty from the prize pile for winning the 100-500 levels tournament.

Cyriacus Wins the 501-1000 levels tournament, though spook didnt hear anything all that remarkable about it other than "He Won". Guess he must've crushed his opponents. In any event, He walked off with a 100 prof Elven Longbow and a Light Hetero Shield.

Serris0 Takes the cake in the 1k+ levels PvP finals by having no life but still being an awesome person by having over 2000 levels under his belt. Dispite this, he was extremely surprised to be handed a Japanese dagger and a Hetero Shield. (When he found out these were 'backup prizes', his jaw hit the floor. Spook was really trying to make this one good :D)

So Impressed with the efforts fo the staff with only 3 weeks time, Serris has volunteered himself and his men to help staff and judge the next fair. We're glad to have him aboard.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Spook can only estimate about 100 people were there, but there may have been many more. Spook isnt sure.


Lol at all the people that thought I worked for Nexon.

ROFLMAO at all the people who said I should work a deal with nexon for doing this kind of thing.

Spook getting to be a Mabi GM is about as likely as Chillian making a character on Tarlach to cuddle Spook. (Read; When heck freezes over)

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