Winners December182010

This will be posted after the December 18th, 2010 event.

Duelist PVP!

100-500 Winner; PHATTNUtz Prize awarded
501-999 Winner; brokenaer0 Prize Awarded
1k+ Bracket; Narutoboii Prize Awarded

Hardcore reschedule some other time (5700 levels Mountiandew? Seriously?)

2vs2 Team Brawl Winners; Azurai and Cobalt7 Prize Awarded
( 9 teams participated )

3vs3 Team Brawl Winners; Cobalt7 Azurai Hotpocket Prize Awarded
( 4 teams competed )

Spook notes; I only noticed afterwards they won both brackets… but they won them fairly, I was there. So, for this fair, they will get both prizes. Next fair, we'll make a bylaw about this.

Mine Survival (aka Fishy)
1st; elfking433
2nd; matt60000

Fashion Contest!

1. Zero13
2. Xever
3. Sadarion

1. Seth45 + Brokenaer0

1. Brokenaer0
-(for the cosplay bracket, Brokenaer0 was cosplaying as Souji Seta from Persona 4)

1. Conno9
2. Xever/
3. Litokawaisky

1. Litokawaisky
2. Godlyy
3. fangoverclaw

1. Godlyy
2. fangoverclaw

1st- Zero13 NX delivered, Prize Awarded
2nd- Seth45 + Brokenaer0 Prize Awarded
3rd- Litokawaisky Prize Awarded


Solo; lvlorrighan (Spook spelled her name wrong)
Duet; 1st Torhu and ftwinz, 2nd Haan and co!
Trio; Featherwind & co Prize Awarded

Band Battle; Hainsea and co! Prize awarded
Now contracted to be dragged around the world for Spook's amusement!

Treasure Hunt!

Fist Teir; FWamane Prize Awarded
Second Teir; Tsubassa Prize Awarded
The Rest; Katara4, Talamandas, Royaca, loveforlife, lampert, kuriboh Prizes Awarded

Rough Draft Prize List as of December 5th

Duelist has 4 brackets based on level and difficulty.
1m to Hardcore winner
Oak Tree Valencia (M) likely to end up for 1k+
Valencia (F), 100 prof masamune to 500-999
Vito Crux, hetero shield, 500k to grand prize of 100-500


Arena has two brackets
2vs2 = 1 mil per teammate (2 mil total)
3vs3 = 30 diamonds, size 2 cm to 5 cm

Bardoff has 5 brackets

soloist; 100k, selina sexy bare
duet; 300k (150k each), 2 gacha cylinders, 2 black and white shields
trio; 600k (200k each), 3 mana elixirs, 3 (of something awesome?)
quartet; 1m (250k each), 4 tioz female
— Band (5 players or more)
Grand prize; 4 butler suits, 1m, Tarlach Band Contract :p
Runner Up; 150k per bard

Fashion Contest has many brackets but only 3 win overall; (This needs more padding from an actual fashionista)

Grand Prize; Duck Boots, boatswain pirat suit, 5 dyes
Second Prize; Shining Stars earrings, selina sexy bare 3 dyes
Third Prize; complete newbie halloween set and pumpkin head, 2 dyes

500k is usually reserved for silly.

Everything unclaimed is left for pet battles, baloon and jousting pvp, hide and seek, mine survival, soccer, airplaines, etc.

Fishing simply nets gems, gems, and gems. (75 total)

Treasure Hunt Rewards;
- One Complete Male Classic Emerald Ensamble
- One Selina Sexy Bare
- One Metal Lightning Rod
- One Fragment boosting pair of Flashy blue shoes
- One Ancient Powder
- One Lava Cat Robe
- Two books to rank Rest
- One Amazing Cap

dont like this budget, needs some tweaking but Arena prizes are set in stone

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