Winners June26th2010

June 26th Results:

Still need; Jousting tourny results, formal writeup of Fashion winners, fishing results,

1k PVP: Flammability (1st place, prize mailed), Nekostory (2nd), Ladaniel1992 (3rd)
Subnote; Only 5 people apparrently showed up for the bracket, lol

500-999; Jinforverr (1st, Prize Given), Toushiroice (2nd), Ikez (3rd)

100-500; PHATTNUtz (1st, prize given), Lyean (2nd?), itatchii1 (3rd)

5vs5 Team Arena; Yahni's team won. (Prize awarded)
WAFFLEGOD - Solo - 100 points, 19 minutes, no deaths, no pets. Level 361, Basic Run. (Prize awarded)

Cider and Ferghos were the only people who shwoed up to do the Golem Solo/Duo runs and wint he prizzes by defualt. By Spook's judgement, they did their respective runs anyway. Spook will not hand over a prize to someone who didnt work for it. They tried again for the ADV bracket, thanked the judges for the good time and went on their way. (Except the judge forgot to tell me what type of golem they were using, I'll have to get back to them on that) Snow Golems, Zeza needs to confrence with me about changing the rules some. (Prizes Mailed)

Kinasukira gets honorable mention for being the downright SILLIEST FIGHTER ON TARLACH, not jsut for winning six of the duels he participated in, but for being so funny with his chat and fighting style that not just the Silly Mode participants noticed. Im going to go through my screenshots later and posting the best one on the website. Also; None of my staff had seen the Stealing Master title before. :)

I plan on making a collage of the best Silly Mode screenshots, I wasnt able to capture video of the fights this time, I had too many people to handle at the time. I belive I gave out about 150k and a bunch of rediculous prizes.

Finesttime won the first round of airplain and found Nele in the exeperimental games. (Cut him a 200k check)
Honorstar won Hide n Seek and the secodn round of the Airplane Game. (Mailed 200k)

Bard-Off Winners

Soloist Category: Kakashi7 (Prize recived)

Duet Category: Sourdiesel and Ladygayle (prize awarded)

Trio Category: Remillo's Team (Prize awarded)

Battle of the Bands: 1st: Hainesa's Team (Prize Mailed)
2nd: Remillo's Team (Honorable mention, spook didnt budget for two winners :p)

A special award was given to Rawrzz, who's humorous entry made not only the judges smile, but everyone in the audience smile as well. He will be given a chef's hat from the prize pile. Thanks to everyone that participated! -Rae (Prize sent by mail)

Treasure Hunt Winners; Bamboo, Charmander25, Shintaron, FWAmane, Armonn, Kaeko, Onicle and Snowangel001 (Prizes awarded)

Pet Brawl; — These all ended up being one on one battles instead of 3 vs 3 due to time constraints.
Heavyweight; Ishirou (Barely, final match both bears were in deadly) (Prize Awarded)
Medium/Mounts; Ishirou wins (But gives his prize to second place, Narilyn, because he'd already won a prize) (Prize Awarded)
Lightweight; Shiftster Wins (However it was done with a poison snake and he doesnt feel he won fairly and wishes to split the prize with Kandarihu)

They stuck aroudn a bit and discussed changes they'd like to see in the pet brawl system for the next fair and their ideas were good and will be implimented next fair. We only had abought 8 people but they were all very friendly and helpful sicne the event is still being worked on.

First Round: 42 cm, Winner: Hann, 36 cm Abb Neagh Carp
Second Round: 72 cm, Winner: slyy, 72 cm Catfish
Third Round: 118 cm, Winner: Gortonoxo, 93 cm Abb Neagh Carp
Fourth Round: 13 cm, Winner: Narilyn 30 cm Abb Neagh Carp
Fifth Round: 53.4cm, Winner: snowangel001, Raealethea, Woofle 54cm Abb Neagh Carp
Sixth Round: 69.9cm, Winner: Woofle 69 cm Abb Neagh Carp
Final Round: 23.2cm, Winner: snowangel001 39 cm Abb Neagh Carp

Seasonal - kokochan

Cosplay (tie) - Lucky Star Girls (IkagamineI or L's) Tracy (Casey194)

Couple - Ladykikyo and Rithnarin

Outrageous - Lampss

Rare - Squidget

Dungeon - Azzuri


1st; Lucky Star (Prize awarded)
2nd; Ladykikyo and Rithnarin (Prize awarded)
3rd; Azzuri (prize awarded)

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