Winners March22nd2010

March 20th, 2010 fair results:

Bard-Off Winners

Okay there was huge drama over this event turning into a popularity contest so we're going to restructure the entire event. HOWEVER, I will still list the popular vote here. Rae and Koriko both have made comments about gettting a recount done since they want to be awarded for skill rather than who knows more people. I will still award both with prizes for the popular vote, though what exactly hasn't been determined yet (Probably lump sums of gold).

Best Boy;

Best Girl;

- Shikitono wins an awesome award (5 man band)
- Shadowlee3 composed

Fishing Winners

Spook didnt keep good track fo these, there were about 7 gem winners and 3 rod winners though.

Cooking Winners

Edit; After checking through some screenshots, a young man by the name of Kenyay has been awarded the rare color cooking table, ladle and hat for being the only cook to show up and cook something for the cooking event.

Fastest Shadow Mission Event

50 - 500 Soloists;

Leocs [Total 447, 13 minutes, 100 points]
Armonn [Total 331, 13 minutes, 100 points]
— Tie Match!

50 - 500 Duo Team!
Lone/ Hellkite [Total 340/138, 20 minutes, 90 points]

501 - 999 Soloist!
Ferghos [Total 660, 13 minutes, 100 points]

501 - 999 Duo!
Cider/ Ferghos [Total 913/660, 11 minutes, 100 points]

Super Special 1k Golem Soloist!
Cider [Total 913, 14 minutes, 90 points]
(I think this guy is my new favorite player XD)

1k+ Duo Team!
alterking/ zoshiee [Total 1107/2028, 17 minutes, 90 points]


1st place; Suzumiy
2nd Place; Magicalsheep
3rd Place; Holyarrows

1st; Skyxlimit
2nd; Brndon
3rd; Hoam

1st place; Kakashi7
2nd place; Baal
3rd place; Guar

Silly Mode;

Everyone who fought a Silly Mode battle was rewarded, actually. I believe we gave away about 250k on silly mode battles. This game was very well recieved, non-hardcore pvpers laughed over the concept and were eager to participate. Some pet battles were also experimented with and there will definitely be a pet game next fair after these results.

Treasure Hunt winners;
Royaca, FWamane, Darkjin, Shintaron, Gingseng, Rois and Finesttime

(Royaca ended up sending back her award; it was for the wrong gender. She was sent the Gacha Green 2-hander instead since the other robes had been sent out already. Sorry about that. Finesttime sent his Book of Thunder back, he already had the spell, but thanked the crew for a good time. Gingseng scored the book and was surprised and happy about it. )

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